Old Humble Key[NOT a Steam key][CLOSED]

Okay, so I was looking through my Humble Bundle Keys and noticed that I have an old telltale.com key for The Walking Dead: Season 2. :scream_cat: I would like to get rid of it as I already own the game on Steam and Twitch…a third copy seems a bit redundant at this point. :joy_cat:

  • Do you want The Walking Dead: Season 2?
  • Are you sure that you want it?
  • You do remember that it is NOT a Steam key, right?
  • Are you still sure that you want it?

Okay, if you answered yes to all questions above, please post that you would like it and I will give it to you through PM.

NOTE: First Come, First Served


Yes I WOULD like walking dead s2.
Even if it’s a humble key
I have s1 already so getting s2 would be great.
Thank you


Ok, will send it in a moment. :smiley_cat: