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Old Games Flying Back in your Radar


Not exactly classic, but I’ve been playing Borderlands Remastered since I got it for free for having Borderlands GOTY. I’m glad they let you import your old character into the new version, so I’m not seeing anything new I didn’t see in the old version, but I remember why I like loot games so much playing this


I’ve been in a constant state of playing final fantasy 12 for over 12 years.

still haven’t 100%ed it.

blue stinger is always a good romp when I feel sad.

here’s a list of who I haven’t killed yet in FF12 to fill my post out a bit.

hint they’re all just impossible, the best I killed was the white Chocobo, which may have been trickster, it’s been a while, but I remember carrot is impossible to get to appear, as are some of the others, the gard part may be to make them appear, you need to do special things sometimes.


I’ve 100% finished FFXII Zodiac version so it’s not impossible. Trial 100 against the judges made me want to die repeatedly but after persistence and luck it’s doable…the main game is easy in comparison to that one.



I’m 90% sure that version was made easier, but I’m not positive, the hunts in the original are gruelling hour long fights, akin to FF15 before that was patched out for being too hard, but good job on beating everything regardless! I’m sure there isn’t much difference in the end if they are different. (there’s also more hunts to do in the original, when looking up the wiki for that picture I happened to see there was separate tables for the zodiac versions on the hunt page)

good to see a real fan out there, there really isn’t many of us.

the judges were my idols for armour fashion growing up.