Okay, super stupid question


How does the coin system work? Do I need to buy something every day or just log in?

From a stupid guy who missed a memo somewhere…

You don’t need to buy anything to collect coins.
Just click on the coin button next to the “buy” button for the featured game to get some coins once daily.
If you maintain a streak of collecting coins each day, you’ll get chests with large amounts of coins to help you out even more.

So you can easily collect coins and even redeem them for a game without spending any money.


As I said “Stupid guy”

Don’t beat yourself over a simple question. It’s not stupid if it helped you clear a doubt :wink:


Questions are answered already, but if you’re curious to see what the “memo” looks like, here it is! (The link preview here is wrong. It takes you to the coin explanation page, not the daily deal.)

I’m linking this, because it also has a practice coin for you to click and make it spin for no reason (doesn’t actually give you coins as it’s for practice). Fun for all of two minutes!

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