Oikospiel Book I Free At itch.io

Celebrating it’s 2nd Year of Release…Not sure how long it’s free

"Winner: 2017 IGF Nuovo Award with an honorable mention for the Grand Prize

Winner of the 2017 Indiecade Grand Jury Prize

Featured in PC Gamer’s Best Game Music of 2017 & Best Indie Games


Oikospiel Book I is II years old! Celebrating by lowering the minimum price to FREE through the end of March, after which the MSRP will increase. Payments are still welcome and appreciated; proceeds from this sale will be donated to Game Workers Unite, once they are ready to take donations (https://www.gameworkersunite.org/faq) ; any money will be held in the vaults until then.


Play as a German Shepherd named Pluto and explore the enchanted climates of planet Earth and the asteroid 433 Eros. Visit an Arctic Ocean wind farm, Kochiri Forest, a computer OS, a cluttered desk, a union-busting prairie in Kansas, a private jet, a flooded city at the North Pole, and many more fevered landscapes."