[OFF-TOPIC] Humble bundle reselling!

I’ll be really glad if someone could buy the humble jumble bundle 9 “average deal” today and sell me tomorrow or in two days through ebay or another selling platform… it costs 5,60$ right now but I’m willing to pay 7$ if you do me this favor. I’ll not be able to buy it today ;-; .Also sorry for creating a topic for something so personal but i couldn’t find a better place on the internet to ask for this than here…

I think it’s better to ask on reddit subs for trading or steamtrades.com instead of this particular forum

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Thanks for the info, I’m not very into reddit so I haven’t thought about that but I’ll try this anyway!

/r/IndieGameSwap or /r/SteamGameSwap are the best places for your inquiry.

Do you not have any family or friends to ask? It just seems easier for you.

I don’t understand, you want to pay 7$ and because it only costs 5.60$ you want to make it so complicated? :thinking:
You do know you can give more than the minimal price, right?

I’m asuming he’s out of cash for a few days

I use a prepaid virtual credit card that I have to pay with bank slips so it takes up to 2 days to approve the transaction, It can be really frustrating sometimes :frowning: but I’ll be more aware about future deals from now on.

humble, usually, has a new bundle every week, each one lasts 2 weeks, giving you ample time if you check in “soon’ish” after reset (on tuesdays 8pm CET, 11pm PST i think)
depending on your country/bank PayPal can make near instant transfers from bank to empty paypal “wallet”, that you can then use to pay on humble,
might be something to look into/consider if an option, to make it faster/easier in the future so you don’t get the same issues when if wanting to purchase near last minute
(paypal actually saved me once on a bundle with only like 15minutes to spare when my card for some reason didn’t want to go through proper)