Occupy White Walls

so this is a new “game” I’ve come across recently and it seems quite interesting. From what I can tell you have an ai companion that shows you different art inside of your own virtual art galleries, and you can connect with the artists through the help of your friendly ai DAISY.

Anyone have any experience with this? I’m planning on giving it a try later today.

Edit: I’ve begun playing and it’s basically as described. It’s not very well optimized it seems, but it is still in early access. A very relaxing game, and if you enjoy a bit of creating your own space to showcase art and then going to other people and seeing their art, it’s very worth the cost of admission.


I haven’t played enough (I don’t have the time right now) but supposedly the ai will start showing you more and more art that follows the kinds of art you put in your gallery and view in other people’s galleries, in order to tailor to your tastes and help you enjoy your gallery to it’s fullest. Neat little feature.