Nyctophobia Free at GGOTD

You DO NOT HAVE to Share…Just supply your email…Like Indie Gala…


dude they just give one away everyday?!?




thank you for posting this.
you just put your email in.

I love it.


They give away software too everyday…However read the comments before you install and don’t fill your computer up with stuff you won’t use…

As for the games…NO, IT IS NOT EVERYDAY It USED to be and I got some great games from them but since the gaming situation has changed, they have had a hard time getting free games. Now, It’s only the weekend unless they get extra games like they did today. Most of the games they give away now are downloadable casual games from MyPlayCity and such.which has ads sometimes and your browser will open to their page when you close the game. So I haven’t been posting those types of games.


yes I have noticed these conditions xD

but Its still pretty good, I ain’t gonna download some photo scrubber I don’t need xD and they do a lot of “giveaways” reminds me of the ITV hayday xD


I sign up for their newsletters too…so I get special games that they might find during the week…since I forget to check daily.I think i have gotten 2 or 3 software products this year from them.

Another place for good PC/MAC software even some iPhone/iPad/Android stuff(just make sure you read the fine print) is…

It’s a good idea to sign up for their dailys too.


There’s also & I highly recommend using a disposable email address like (or an alternative site if they block trash mail) or an email alias so you know who’s sending you all the spam offers. You will get a barrage of offers from them.

Most of the time the software can only be activated while the free offer is active. Make sure you decline the crapware offers they bundle in their downloaders.

Tip: G’Club occasionally has offers only available to premium users of Auslogics software. Every now and then they’ll have an Auslogics program as a free offer. Those keys will also work to unlock the premium offers. Yeah, checking these sites are a daily thing like for me.


Be really careful, especially with Giveaway Club. They have just started using installers and has boxes preclicked for installation. I had to disable MalwareBytes Pro and then my Comodo sandboxed a game on me. I use It’s not full proof but it has saved my butt a few times when i wasn’t paying attention.