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NVIDIA Super - Thoughts, Reviews, Discussion.


The NVIDIA Super Embargo lifted today.

What’re your thoughts on the new RTX Super Cards?


Sounds super expensive.


Watched Anthony’s LTT video earlier and it seems to be pretty much what we expected. Very similar cards, a bit more performance and for the same price.
Certainly not bad but nothing to get too excited about.


They priced them pretty well tbh.


People who recently bought one of those RTXs are not going to be happy…


Well, if they bought it since the start of Computex at the end of May, it’s honestly their own fault for not paying attention to the news. Like, AMD made a “big” graphics announcement, NVIDIA teased Super, it was kinda everywhere.


Yup, I totally understand.

I think no matter what these cards will last long enough to not require an absolute change for quite some time, so life expectancy even with the older cards should be there. I am happy with mine, who knows what the numbers suffixes will be by the time I am looking for a replacement in a few years.