NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 reviews go live on September 17th

2080Ti to follow two days later. Can you bear the tension? Seems like we’re going to be waiting an eternity until we finally find out how Turing compares to Pascal. I’ve needed to update my PC for years but on seeing the pricing of these new GPU’s I’ll be sitting this gen out, but I’m still very interested to see how they compare to the 10xx cards, and the knock on effect on pricing of 2 year old stock. Anyone else planning to buy in to the 20xx cards, or even taken the plunge and, gulp, pre-ordered?


Hell no! Way too expensive, mate. I’m just hoping older graphics cards become cheaper so I can finally upgrade my PC for a reasonable price.


Given that the 970 still holds up well…I’m broke…no games that would need the extra power…
I will wait :grin::sweat_smile:


At $1200 they better outperform Pascal so much it makes our heads explode.


they showed some benchmark scores and they were 50%+ faster afaik

Was that benchmark taken in mind with RTX technology on versus Pascal (without RTX technology) or RTX off versus Pascal? If it is the later, that’s really impressive, especially without official driver support. :hushed:

Isn’t their NDA contract still effect where reviewers who wants early access to their cards can’t say anything negative about them? Not really making me care much about early reviews. Even if I had the disposable income to preorder these cards I would still wait a month or two for user reviews unbound by NDAs to start filtering in.


Yup, they are still under NDA. The part that gets me is that their announcement of Turing was all about RTX, they had nothing on its performance over Pascal during the conference. That’s worrying. Unless of course it performs so well they didn’t think they needed to even talk about it once or they felt people would buy it regardless…

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Idk, I only remember this impressive graphic (looks like RTX vs non RTX?)

and these estimates:

via NVIDIA registers TURING, GeForce RTX and Quadro RTX trademarks | VideoCardz.com

you shouldn’t have created this thread, now am a bit hyped for these cards again lol

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The first picture is from the conference, right? Which they only talked about the RTX technology (which is what PC articles, reddit etc were making fun of them for).

The second image though I’ve never seen before, but I don’t know what to make of its legitimacy. It is probably true, never seen videocardz post something like this that is wrong, but then again I’ve never seen Nvidia announce a card like this before.

Yeah from the conference.

2060 seems affordable and fast enough for 1080p.

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It all comes down to the price. If it is reasonable, the entry and mid-entry level cards will sell great, like the 2060. The 1060 is pretty dang popular right now, especially the 6GB version.

Hopefully the bitcoin miners will stay gone forever. The jacked prices were not cool whatsoever. A 1060 was the price of a 1070 (sometimes way over) and the 1070 was nearly the price of a 1080. So insane. :sweat:

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I’ve got a 1060 and a 1070 (got both for decent prices fairly recently), I highly doubt there will be a decent reason to upgrade.
Since they haven’t shown a single comparison to previous cards like they usually do I would assume the difference is less than usual.

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That second image from your videocardz link is already proven to be fake. For one it’s missing the 2080ti. It’s also wrong on launch schedules, as well as memory and pricing. If I recall correctly it was based upon a leak to youtube channel adoredtv.


I just want to see the benchmarks. I don’t need any upgrades to my pc for a while. :grinning:

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Sheesh, I’m stalking the thread to find someone that’s preordering so I can get a cheap, used graphics card, but nope, y’all a bunch of cheapskates! :sweat_smile:

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They were probably marketing these cards to people who have no GPUs, extreme enthusiasts (you know, those people who buy multiple Titans because they can or want to “collect”) or people with very, very old cards, like older than '08 because at that point they will be thinking it is definitely an improvement without considering that they could get basically the same performance way cheaper off of Pascal.

I’ll just wait 5 - 10 years so I can get a phone wt the performance of a 670 or so :speak_no_evil:

@Enki and @Agetime check out how much it costs for us.

It’s almost 8k, guys. Cheapest 2080 is 5k.

How many body parts do you reckon we need to sell for this one? :joy:


I almost spit out my soda! Good god! :cold_sweat: