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Nothing Lasts Forever: Dynasty Warriors Unleashed Ends at March



We are here to sadly announce, that the Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed is now preparing to end its service until March 26th(Thurs.) 2020.

And I’ve only started playing the game not too long ago lol. I guess I might keep this game as an archive in my phone or something idk.
No real reason on posting this one, just that I felt like posting it because of how sudden it came. Feel free to download if its still there. Yeah, sorry it isn’t anything revolutionary but I had some fun in the game, although it is bloated a bit. Doesn’t help that the objective is can be pretty near impossible once the first batch of elite missions are unlocked. Maybe that’s one reason they decide to close it down.


I didn’t know this was a thing and I love Dynasty Warriors. Whoops


trust me you aint missing much

just usual p2w nexon bloatware


I can see it definetely. All I want to do is fight a dozen of enemies, not worry about inventory management because I’m too cheap to buy more slots and whoops, I ran out of currency better sell that. There’s also like a bajillion other features I couldn’t care much about, except maybe the boss battle arena thing.


Musou games are my guilty pleasure. I love them sooo much. Glad I didn’t buy the most recent Dynasty Warriors game when it came out though cause I hear it’s terrible. Instead I’ve been playing Hyrule Warriors with my boyfriend and having an absolute blast.


The Hyrule Warriors one isnt that bad but yeah that other one is pretty poo