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Notepad file recovered after deletion - looks like gibberish


From word

Converting to docx before moving over doesn’t do anything.

Best looking encoding is Unicode and is just a bunch of Japanese, Chinese, and Korean character apparently repeating the same stuff over and over. Some things can be gleaned from it but it is mostly just steam chats, which isn’t what we’re really looking for.

Edit: From standard windows encoding…

PE PyS ’ _r" º "Why ™ μ¥ Avoid ` º

This looks like it’s from me…?


yeah the copy paste will have put in a lot of “page breaks”


Edit. All of the code-tagged text (with a grey background) should be the same width. If you’re using a monitor with a low horizontal resolution (1366 for me for example), you might need to zoom out a bit to fit the lines properly!

I took a look at the file and it sadly doesn’t look like a text file to me. First of all, it’s pretty big for a text file at 25 kB. I guess also storing Steam chats there could explain it, atleast somewhat. Here’s a dump from the beginning of the file:

00000000 00 f7 1c 4b 03 f2 1c 4b 08 38 1c 4b 0a 04 1c 4b |...K...K.8.K...K| 00000010 0e 52 1c 4b 13 57 1c 4b 14 03 1c 4b 15 a1 1c 4b |.R.K.W.K...K...K| 00000020 29 57 1c 4b 2b 0e 1c 4b 2b ad 1c 4b 30 7b 1c 4b |)W.K+..K+..K0{.K| 00000030 3c 98 1c 4b 40 f0 1c 4b 41 f6 1c 4b 4a 17 1c 4b |<..K@..KA..KJ..K| 00000040 4b 1f 1c 4b 58 f7 1c 4b 59 cc 1c 4b 67 2e 1c 4b |K..KX..KY..Kg..K| 00000050 6a 9d 1c 4b 6b a1 1c 4b 71 36 1c 4b 76 78 1c 4b |j..Kk..Kq6.Kvx.K| 00000060 7a 7e 1c 4b 7a b4 1c 4b 7d f2 1c 4b 84 c7 1c 4b |z~.Kz..K}..K...K| 00000070 85 3a 1c 4b 91 86 1c 4b 96 6f 1c 4b 96 a6 1c 4b |.:.K...K.o.K...K| 00000080 9d 65 1c 4b a3 2c 1c 4b a4 83 1c 4b aa 50 1c 4b |.e.K.,.K...K.P.K| 00000090 ba 6c 1c 4b c0 f0 1c 4b cb 6c 1c 4b d1 42 1c 4b |.l.K...K.l.K.B.K| 000000a0 d2 95 1c 4b dc 2e 1c 4b ef ba 1c 4b fa 01 1c 4b |...K...K...K...K| 000000b0 fa 9a 1c 4c 0e 54 1c 4c 0f f3 1c 4c 10 4b 1c 4c |...L.T.L...L.K.L| 000000c0 14 4c 1c 4c 16 ad 1c 4c 17 14 1c 4c 17 d3 1c 4c |.L.L...L...L...L| 000000d0 1e ba 1c 4c 1e da 1c 4c 26 80 1c 4c 2a 03 1c 4c |...L...L&..L*..L| 000000e0 2a 24 1c 4c 2a 77 1c 4c 2f ad 1c 4c 32 c3 1c 4c |*$.L*w.L/..L2..L| 000000f0 38 e1 1c 4c 3d 49 1c 4c 43 86 1c 4c 47 35 1c 4c |8..L=I.LC..LG5.L| 00000100 48 bb 1c 4c 49 2c 1c 4c 49 5e 1c 4c 4d 8f 1c 4c |H..LI,.LI^.LM..L| 00000110 56 da 1c 4c 5a f1 1c 4c 64 d4 1c 4c 69 b9 1c 4c |V..LZ..Ld..Li..L| 00000120 6c ec 1c 4c 6f a8 1c 4c 77 fb 1c 4c 80 ba 1c 4c |l..Lo..Lw..L...L| 00000130 87 ed 1c 4c 8b 27 1c 4c 96 fd 1c 4c 98 21 1c 4c |...L.'.L...L.!.L| 00000140 9a 4b 1c 4c a5 49 1c 4c ab 47 1c 4c b2 93 1c 4c |.K.L.I.L.G.L...L| 00000150 b9 4d 1c 4c bb 2e 1c 4c bb d8 1c 4c bf 87 1c 4c |.M.L...L...L...L| 00000160 c4 5b 1c 4c c4 ec 1c 4c d4 25 1c 4c d8 e8 1c 4c |.[.L...L.%.L...L| 00000170 de 01 1c 4c e4 8d 1c 4c e9 3e 1c 4c ec 99 1c 4c |...L...L.>.L...L|

Here you can see that there is a lot of repetition in the file. After every two bytes there is a repeat of two bytes. After a while, the repeating bytes are incremented by one. This shows on the right column as the repeating pattern of Ks being changed to a repeating pattern of Ls. This continues until the end of the file. I’m not quite sure what to make of it really.

For a normal plaintext file the same dump looks like this:

00000000 54 65 73 74 20 66 69 6c 65 2e 20 59 61 79 2e 20 |Test file. Yay. | 00000010 53 6d 69 6c 65 79 66 61 63 65 3a 20 3e 3a 29 0a |Smileyface: >:).| 00000020

Also the file application says it quite clearly. For your file it can’t decipher a format (New Raw Keys from Trade.txt: data) but for my testfile it’s a different story: test: ASCII text.

Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.


No worries mew! hugs Thanks so much for trying. It looks like this file had the misfortune to be partly overwriten in the time lapse between deletion and recovery. Damned unfortunate that this is the only file that happened with, but from all the research Chronies have done, and I’ve done - that seems to be it.

No way my original file was 25KB or even parsed to 14 pages as @Pylinaer found. So perhaps lots of binary junk got tossed in there as well. It scuks, but likely it’s one of those bad things that can’t be fixed.

It is my fault for not making I didn’t Shift+Delete the important stuff - I seriously messed up. Going to liaise with traders I still am contact with and maybe, they still have links (more likely with the Humble stuff than plain keys).

Appreciate your efforts lots! :heart: Just looking at stuff is giving me the old Statistics class panics, heh.