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Not getting e-mails


I haven’t gotten an e-mail about any deals for a few days now, and I wanted to give the Chrono workers a chance to see it in the forums as well for anyone with a similar problem to find it as a topic.
I am still set to recieve newsletters and I have not gotten it in the trash box, so I am wondering if perhaps the issues might lie on the sender side.
Thank you.


I moved it from “Off-Topic” to “Site Feedback” just FYI. That way the admin team should be able to more easily see the message. I check Chrono daily rather religiously, so I don’t use the emails. Hopefully we can have some additional collateral info from other soon.


I pop into Chrono daily out of habit now, but I used to receive emails. Haven’t noticed any for quite a while now.


There have been emails for the last few days and as far as I can tell they got shot out without any issues. If you shoot an email over to help(at)chrono we can dig a lil more into it for ya and figure out why you’re not gettin’ those newsletters


I looked a little more deeply and I’m showing that you’re still subscribed and were sent the last several emails. Like @Ernin8t0r said throw us an email at and we’ll take a look.