Not getting deal emails anymore

Hey, for some reason I havent been getting emails anymore(last one was 5th of August), to notify me of new deals. I checked my junk folder and they arent being sent there, and the site says im still subscribed to emails.


These emails were obviously stolen, but not to worry:


just kidding, I’m sure @lonin or @frst will look into it and solve it for u.

and welcome to the forum btw, stick around, lots of giveaways and crazy peoples here


well, while we’re waiting, let me entertain u with my mad skillz

mad skillz


Sorry for taking over a week to reply, some important real life stuff came up shortly after I sent this post.

I tried unsubcribing and resubscribing yesterday in settings, but it said they sent me a confirmation email for it but I still havent received it.

Thanks for the reply @harith :). Is there any way I can get in contact with one of those two people who you mentioned or should I just wait for a reply here?
And thanks for the welcome :D.


You could send an email to CS:

Usually they show up when summoned…maybe the heat! @lonin and @frst Get out of the Sun!

And Welcome to the forum!:+1:t2:

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Thanks :). I sent an email just now to Chrono support like you said :). Hopefully its something easily fixable :D. Thanks for yoru reply :smiley:

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I hate to bring this up again but iv still never got this fixed and also never got a reply to the email I had sent to support :frowning: . Anyone have any suggestions since I love using this site but i never remember to check it without the newsletter emails