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Not getting a purchase confirmation (or key) and not getting the "Verify Account" email either..



i have a problem… I’m not getting a purchase confirmation (or key) for a game i bought and i am not getting the “Verify Account” email either…
(Order ID: rkwz2fpr)

i already sent two emails to but they don’t answer. Anybody got an idea what to do?



be patient, Chrono will help u out in due time. it’s sunday for everyone… :sweat_smile:


it was 5 days ago already :wink:


You did right by sending an email(s) and by posting here. You’ll be helped, rest assured!

Enjoy your Sunday :sunny:


Calling TPTB… @lonin, @Ernin8t0r, @frst, @dusty. It’s “dark thirty” where they are but hopefully some one gets up early.

Sorry for the wait but you will get an answer…

Oh and welcome to the forum :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


thank you, i hope so as well :slight_smile:
have a nice sunday everyone


Just responded to your twitter DM! c:


thank you!