No Planet Zoo key


Hi :slight_smile:

I ordered planet zoo over 10 hours ago and still haven’t received my key. Apparently there was an “error retrieving my key”. I haven’t heard back yet via email and I’d thought I’d just try here as it seems more accessible.

Thank you!!


Dont worry you’ll get your key,must be some hiccup in their system.

Did you email them at ? Might be just that everyone’s out of office or something.

@delenn13 who would you suggest to @ to get a faster response here in forums? I’m not sure who is handling these things these days out of chrono team.


It happens on the very rare occasion but they will usually get back to you fairly soon.

Usually @Ernin8t0r deals with this sort of thing, maybe @SlushieSamurai, @lonin or possibly @dusty could help as well.


Thank you both !! Hopefully I’ll get it soon


Hi! Has this been resolved yet? If not, I’m happy to check up on this for you.


hi, no not yet :frowning: still no key showing up


You got it @SlushieSamurai ???


Yep! Checking in with some people rn. Thanks for the wait!


Just sent ya a DM :grin:


Hey guys,

I still haven’t recieved a key yet :frowning:


Im so sorry! Not sure how this was missed, grabbing your key at this moment. Expect an email in the next few minutes :slight_smile: