No Man's Sky FREE expansions

So…we all know Hello Games made massive promises about NMS before it’s August 2016 release date, and it become one of the biggest disappointments in history.

However, they quietly kept working and patching bugs, fixing problems, streamlining the gameplay, and adding content. The first major changes came with the Foundation 1.1 patch in November 2016, followed by the Path Finder 1.2 patch in March 2017. Then in August 2017 one year after launch we got the Atlas Rises 1.3 patch, and in what we all thought was the culmination bringing everything together (to what had originally been envisioned and promised) the devs gave us the NEXT 1.5 patch in July 2018, approximately 2 years after launch.

I was not expecting anything after NEXT, it seemed to finally deliver all that we had hoped for, plus a bunch of extra content. However, we continued to get more with The Abyss 1.7 patch in October 2018 and Visions 1.75 patch in November 2018. Both of those were unexpected but welcome additions to what myself and many others would consider a complete game (even if it took them 2+ years post-release to get to that stage).

But, surprise of all surprises, we are getting a brand new major content update titled BEYOND! The main goal with the update is to expand access to VR, but they are also deepening the multiplayer aspect of the game to give friends a richer experience when playing together, plus they are adding a mystery third feature that has most of us guessing… It is the 7th major update, it is coming out in 10 days, it looks fantastic as it always has, and it will definitely bring back explorers for the zillionth hour of gameplay, something I will credit the dev team with.

It is short notice since I know the Chrono team often plans deals out months in advance, but it would be very cool to add more Chrono buddies to play the newest expansion together by having a new lowest deal. Even if Chrono can’t host a great deal, you can always use GMG to buy during their summer deal for $22.44 with their extra 12% off using code SUMMER12…but it would be so cool to see Chrono break the new record low deal with a $19.99 price to help more gamers enjoy this originally rough-cut diamond that is now polished.


Quite frankly even if they managed to turn NMS into a great or even amazing game I would not be giving Hello games my money after how they handled themselves over the years leading up to release.

At best I’m glad that people who swallowed that bait might finally have something that they could enjoy. Hello games can not be forgiven, there’s nothing they can do to earn my respect or money.


I’m interested in the idea, but given that it’s basically only about exploring I’ll part with my money once it hits 10$…or maybe it’ll appear in tier 3 of a bundle, that’d be nice.


I remember the hype around that game after it was out boom nothing. The update thing reminded me that game still exists lol
Glad i didnt buy it cos i might have then again now it might be decent but meh


We are human, we all make mistakes. The original hype train – partially kickstarted by Sean Murray (the Managing Director at Hello Games) and partially the internet’s wild imagination whipped into a frenzy by itself – was destined to be crushed. There is no game on the planet that could have delivered all the dreams everyone thought No Man’s Sky was going to provide. That was a mistake. A rather large mistake in the world of games, but still just a mistake.

And what did Hello Games do with that mistake? Did they sweep it under the rug, ignore it, pretend it didn’t exist, grab the money and run? No, they spent the next 3 years fixing that mistake. That is the right attitude and I want to support that with other devs. I want to reward studios that are willing to stand behind their games, the companies that say, “hey, we know this can be better, and we won’t just promise you it will be better, we will show you the hard work and effort it takes to make it better. And it will be free because we fucked up the release and this is our apology to you, the gamers.”

It takes no integrity to stand behind your good games – every studio does that. They proudly show them off, brandish the awards they receive, showcase the accolades, brag to the rest of the industry, and leverage their prior successes to get funding for future games (or sell the studio for piles of cash like Mojang with Minecraft). What takes real balls, real character, is to stand behind your mistakes and fix them. That is what Hello Games did; they fixed their mistake.

I don’t know about everyone else, but that is more important to me than just a “good game”…lots of studios release “good games” but most abandon support for them after release. Or they rush out a few patches and move on to a newer, more interesting project. I want to show support to studios that show they care about their work, their art, their legacy. Hello Games is one of those studios.

I am a man of forgiveness. We need the freedom to make mistakes, and we need the freedom to learn and grow, especially in the arts. Gaming is a mixture of science and art, programming and painting, code and canvas, scripting and sketching…there is nothing perfect or exact about it, and I understand if one game style does not appeal to some gamers. But that doesn’t mean we should continue to crucify a studio after they correct their mistakes and repeatedly offer us additional free chapters in a saga we thought finished. So I choose to forgive, because (putting myself in their shoes) that is what I would want, what I would need.

TL;DR - Life is too short to hold a grudge. If you don’t like this style game, I understand. But if you are still hating on a company for getting caught up in it’s own hype years ago and they have spent 3 years apologizing for it, I think YTA for not moving on.


They didn’t make a mistake, they repeatedly and consistently mislead, obfuscated and directly lied every time they spoke. And they spoke a lot, they were the designated games jurno “indie” darling and got so much coverage. That is what I find unforgivable. This was not just a company failing to meet unreasonable expectations, they fanned those expectations on knowing damn well they never even intended to meet them.

Turns out they didn’t. But for 6months or something after release that’s what it looked like. They went complete radio silent, no owning up to their actions, no apologies no promises of fixing anything, no nothing. While I could have missed it I still have not heard them actually apologize about the lying, never owning up to their actions. Just doing the job they should have done from the start is not good enough.

I could have loved this game if it was even half the game they suggested it would be, exploration is one of the few things I find joy in.

And that’s a large part of it. They don’t deserve my respect nor money but first of all they don’t deserve my time, I have enough games to play. I can throw every developer and publisher who thinks it’s a good idea to lie, cheat and disrespect their audience out the window and never care about them again and have more than enough excellent games to play.


I wasn’t invested in this game since I try to stay away from online multiplayers. A few friends were hyped up about it though.

When it came out, the disappointment was deep. We talked about it and it was like a bait and switch or selling a minimum viable product as a fully featured game. All got refunds (except 1) and they never planned to return.

Another discussion was about the very frequent failures of online games to launch with everything they promised. So it was also frustration at the game industry for failing to deliver products at launch. (Edit: Which makes me think of Anthem) Then because of the failed launch, the game eventually dies anyway so it’s better to not buy the game again and waste your time in a game that will be shutdown.

This is not including how they felt about the developers lying and such.

Now…Star Citizen is another game that was argued in the group. But I haven’t talked to them in a long time so I don’t know how that game is shaping up.


It’s still in Alpha. I forgot what the last thing they added. I occasionally receive emails from it.

Wow it’s been a year already. Have they fixed the grind they added? That patch literally took the fun time I was having and turned it into a chore. Like, I got bored of playing it after about 3 hours on Normal. So many wait timers and needing to fix shit with materials from same wait timers.

I might try it again, but the game broke for me at 1.5 and I haven’t played or really wanted to play since.


I’m with what @Fraggles says in the fact that what they did is unforgivable, and I’m with what @Shalandir says in the fact that forgiveness is something that can be earned.

Yes, what they did was terrible, but yes, they more than amply made up for it (even if i personally got the game after the NEXT update and felt it was empty and boring and just stopped playing).

Even if we were to assume that their intention had been to scam the world (which it wasn’t, it’s more a case of thinking u can do the impossible just cuz u rly want to), then still they would have made up for it later by repenting for it and doing everything they could to fix it and giving everyone their due.

And it’s not like they killed someone or caused irreparable damages either.

I’m pretty sure they learned a valuable lesson too (and maybe a few other devs just from seeing it all unfold) and won’t be repeating the same mistakes.


343 industries right now. They have a minefield to navigate with the games they are remastering. One wrong step and boom! Lots of pissed gamers.

It honestly introduced a shed load of grind for me. More so than there already was.


I have a ton of fun playing it, especially with my friends. The new patch will also offer the new feature “No Man’s Sky Online”, which aims to improve multiplayer and its features, such as allowing people to connect with each other easier.

I get when it launched it wasn’t up to par, and the negative reception to that is perfectly understandable, but they listened to that feedback (realizing their error, which they honestly had made) and continue to strive to make it as they promised and beyond what they promised.

To me, that shows integrity as a developer, even if they had stumbled in the beginning.



I’m waiting patiently for it! The group warp is going to be so important! Nothing was more annoying than trying to travel friends…well, maybe the desyncs but I’m talking more of a lack of a QoL method of doing so and not bugs. lol


Man I really want No Man’s Sky. It’s on sale right now but it always goes on sale when I have no money T___T Next time haha.


I am sure it will go on sale again soon, it seems to do that an awful lot…


Yeah. Unfortunately the past few times I haven’t been able to get it. First I was broke from my move, then I got hit by fraud during the holiday sale, now I had some unexpected expenses with my cat. Always seems to be when No Man’s Sky is on sale life just happens to me xD




Whats unforgivable are these companies that are cramming micro transactions including pay to win into our AAA games

SONY - whether people want to face it or not Sony had a BIG part to play in NMS fiasco

“they went radio silent” yeah because at that point making more promises wouldve likely been a bad idea better to just focus on delivering

Btw if there is no redemption or forgiveness why on earth would companies be urged to make things right?
Especially when they werent obligated to fix anything
I have seen one too many bad stories about companies abandoning their game/community, them going above and beyond to deliver what was promised has to count for something

Time they didnt have the time needed obviously talent was not the issue nor scope
Sony was in charge of time
Theres a shared blame, Sony shouldve delayed and we all know it


Or if you wait long enough, it may show up in a bundle eventually, and there would be some giveaways for it as a result. I would not be surprised it if showed up in a Humble choice bundle one of these upcoming months before summer.


That’s very true! I’ll be hopeful for a bundle haha


Why don’t you preemptively save for it? I already have the munnies for Cyberpunk 77 and currently saving for FFVII for when that hits the stores.