No game.

I purchased the deal of the day today and didn’t get my key. Said there was an error in the purchased but my bank account shows that Chrono.GG took out $10 for the game I wanted to get. Don’t have the key, nor does it show up in my orders.

Any help would be appreciated.


Try sending an email to, they will surely be able to help you remedy the situation. :slight_smile:
Good luck!

We can also ask for help directly in here too… @lonin, @frst, @dusty… The team is pretty good about getting back right away.


Still need help on this. Have sent and email as well and not gotten a response.


There’s unfortunately nothing we can do here other than attempt to call on the attention of the powers that be, which has been done. I don’t know what sort of turn around time they tend to have, some times things gets sorted almost immediately other times it takes a while. I would have hoped you’d get a response on the email within 24h though.


I’d hope so too. I just sent a Twitter DM. Last chance to get a response since the deal is ending SOON.


No need to worry about the deal timer in this case. They can and have sorted out issues with previous deals well after they’ve ended before. So I don’t think you have to fear never getting your game, or a refund if you prefer in the end.


I just sent @lonin A DM. Something must be going one because they are usually very quick on the draw…as to helping someone.

You will get the game even if the deal is over. They have had to do that before.

Just be patient and be sure to let us know in the thread when it is resolved.

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I’ll take a look into this, and get back to your support ticket shortly. Rest assured though, if the transaction failed, any charges are simply pending and will fall off soon.