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Nintendo switch pokemon edition


it’s cheaper for sure… my point is it’s not smaller and 200E, and it’s even harder to transport since you can’t remove the joycon

i would have prefer an actually smaller console that could have fit into my pocket instead of something that is so restrictive


One day I’ll have a Switch of my own. That one looks so cool! :heart_eyes: :kissing_heart:


I just feel like this is the worst of two worlds kind of situation. It’s weak and small for a console and still too big for a hand held. Just my take on it though I never owned a switch and the only hand held I ever had was the old original game boy. Just curious about why you guys want it and what purpose you feel it serves.


Smaller, lighter, dpad. I feel like I’ve alredy made my take clear. I really don’t want a switch but if I’m gonna have to get one (AC and Pokemon) I’d rather get this.
I believe we’ll see a stronger standard switch eventually, that might be more up your alley.

Edit: Seems like it’s not smaller, at least not by much… that’s a real shame.


I was really confused when they talked about this in the announcement video. Does anyone know what games this would include?


Ye, it is kind of confusing because I’m not aware of any game that doesn’t support it.

Reading further into it, it seems it’s only games that don’t support it by default, like games that use the motion feature on the controllers like Snipperclips, but apparently you can if you pair up a regular pair of controllers to the device.


Just be warned, I don’t how it’ll work for the Switch Lite, but the regular switch actively reduces performance when in handheld mode. At least when not charging. In docked mode it utilizes completely.
Battery saving “feature” if you will.