Nice Little Bundle from LazyGuysBundle- Includes Overchunked

Cute little bundle of 12 games. I got it because of Overchunked $2.29US now goes up to 2.99 in less than 24 hours.

Recommended by @Endyo :+1:t2:


Why buy one when you can buy two for twice the price?


Antirocketh is also in there… just released on Aug 16, 2018…

I just wrote a review for this game… I think it’s not as good as Overchunked though…


Just wanted to share a little experience I had with LazyGuys a couple of years back:

They ran a small giveaway for one of their bundles, Lazy Days, and I happened to be the sole winner after writing a bit of crappy poetry I can’t seem to find atm – thank goodness, it was probably even worse than I remember.

In any case, I super happy to get this bundle at the time and the people behind LazyGuys are super cool for doing what they do, I think, with the whole steam gift card giveaway and all that jazz.

So yeah, if the games interest you, I highly recommend supporting them! :blush: