next months humble

hello people, I need a helping hand.

next months early unlock, rise of the tomb raider, is one of the most disgusting excuses for a game I’ve ever fathomed could exist, crystal dynamics have taken a cold dead corpse of a game series, and made it into uncharted, a game which is based on, tomb raider. but this isn’t a review on the game.

I want to know if and when someone does know, what the rest of the games are in the next monthly bundle. I need to know if it’s even slightly worth it to get. because putting that game on it, makes it very unappealing. and I have some other things I want to buy. like monster hunter stories.

ANY help would be vastly appreciated!

not like that’s often “public” information, and much less known the same day/minute the new monthly is revealed
suggest keeping an eye on the [Humble Bundle] OCTOBER 2017 Monthly Bundle (Incl. Rise of the Tomb Raider) 💜 - Page 2 and whatever humble monthly reddit pops up

and considering it’s not even the goty edition/20year anniversary (which is now the retail standard), makes this “early unlock” deal that much much worse, since you need to fork out for season pass/extras to get the equivalent
(guessing either humble had some old spare keys, or much more likely square enix eyed an opportunity to get to make extra money of this “generosity” by giving half baked “old” copies making people eventually pony up for the pass, which juuust so happens to be on sale on Sqeenix’ store)

personally i like the new tomb raider games, i think they are pretty awesome, even if they are strangely trying to ape Uncharted in a half-arsed way. They are doing a decent job of it and their own thing and being an overall decent game

would i consider it a worthy monthly if it had been goty/Anniversary edition?, sure thing
but with this current “old”, now half game, version, i think it’s a bad deal and would probably suggest people stay away unless they really wanted it
and if they are (likely) even using the full old 60$ msrp, for this now outdated version, that just means less value for the remaining mystery unlocks
so seems like a hard pass for me, (even more easy to pass on this poor deal for me since i already own it too)

unless info is leaked suggesting hidden unlocks are gonna be worth it, (but probably unlikely to happen, and if so probably would take some days), i’ll be keeping my eyes out

This what you’re looking for?

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that was last months bundle, hence why it’s revealed now

what @kylehayman361 is looking for is info on next months bundle, the one including RotTR, since to OP it’s not an appealing offer, so the hidden, unrevealed, mystery unlocks need to be worth the full 12$ price on their own
hence why looking for info in order to help decide, since sometimes it happens that info/games are leaked, one way or another, ahead of time, helping to make it easier for people to decide how good/bad a monthly deal can be

so yea OP looking for something like it, but not that since that was last months games, and useless to the current offer :wink:

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@Whitishmink Oh Damn, thanks for reminding me to go claim them, Stories Untold, momodora and Banner saga 2 were all on my wishlist. seems they’ve delivered a good month again.

On the topic at hand… I’m not sure I agree that i’d say rise of the tombraider is a “disgusting excuse for a game” but… well the thing is anyway that I don’t think that Humble Monthly has ever leaked anything past their humble original game.

Guess you’ll just have to roll the dice.


thank you very much for representing me perfectly there. I’m sorry I don’t notice the notifications here very often I’ve not found a way to notice them quicker yet xD

yes thats exactly what I’m after. even one game is enough, I’ll give tomb raider to whoever finds the game that interests me xD cause I DO NOT want that. I just really hate that linear gameplay style. the thing I liked about original lara croft was finding secrets, locking the butler up in the freezer, and finding the secret rooms :3 and conserving medkits and stuff. nowadays games give you checkpoints like they’re going out of fashion.

and I didn’t really expect anyone to have the info right now, but in case someone DID I wouldn’t want to insult their obvious intelligence and or relationship with humble bundle xD I swear I’d brought up a humble monthly in the past and people said burning blood was gonna be on it, and it was. but that was at the end of the month.

I just got last months games that list there, and literally every one of them appealed to me. and with them showing… THAT as the early unlock. it very much dissuaded me. I have other things I want to buy at the moment and they pale out new weird face lara anyday.

Let take a break from complaning, from unlocking games no one ever know, I’m hype for this:


that looks pretty amazing. certainly looks and feels more real.

that item pick up noise though… nice … this person this demo obviously wants to stay true to the originals.

down to her screaming when she falls, and how she’s nice and British… :3 I missed that, but her “no” is off, she doesn’t sound mad about it. xD

1 negative thing? well if you say so, I don’t think she should have melee. not because she’s a woman. because it made it hard. games need to be hard otherwise they won’t last very long. and melee in these kind of games makes things easier, same thing for the fact she can aim really, I miss resident evil and tomb raider games where aiming was dependent on which was your chrecter was facing. xD at least in my opinion xD though that doesn’t seem to shadow all the good things this demo has. I’m watching in awe. It’s amazing for a demo.

its a shame tomb raider never established their chronology.

they had a bit of logic, and I mainly played chronicles when I was young.

that one had lots of little hints about other games at least and there was even a “when lara was young” level where you’re running around a spooky island with no weapons. it was an original horror thing. no weapons, I loved it. cheats wouldn’t even let you access it. so to play my favourite level I’d have to start in the submarine and complete that first.

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Indeed that looks so darn great. Now I understand why you don’t like the new Tomb Raider game, which is focus more on casual gameplay and cinematic experience. About the melee thing, I think it would be more logical to let her keep it, because she’s traveling alone and guns are so noise sometimes :wink:

The reason the inclusion of Burning blood was leaked early was because it had some weird region lock to it so anyone buying the bundle outside of those regions got a voucher or something instead. That’s how that information got out.


usually people get a notification that they wont receive a game and get a small voucher instead when clicking/accepting early unlock, if a game in the monthly is somehow not available to them, due to region restrictions, like locally banned games, or whatever
(this especially happen with people from japan and anime games and other local made games. They want them to buy on console instead or something like that i read in a comment somewhere)
when that happens, then the info gets “leaked” about which game was there, that they couldn’t receive, but got a voucher for instead
since that type of restriction rarely happens with smaller games or indies, it’s not often we get that type of information for much of the pack

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It’s funny, I feel the same way about Monster Hunter Stories as you do Tomb Raider. Either way, no, the games rarely get leaked, it’s supposed to be a surprise after all, you’ll be very lucky to find out a single game, never mind the whole batch.

I’m not really sure what the problem here is though, you’ll still get your moneys worth even without Tomb Raider and you could always give it away or even trade it. You don’t have to play every game that comes into your posession.


well if I do it’ll be posted here xD

How can you tell it’s only the base TR game? I’m sure you’re right, but I don’t remember seeing that anywhere. I’m a little bummed out about it, but I have a subscription through January that was gifted to me, so I’m not complaining.

it says so on the steamgifts page i linked up top [Humble Bundle] OCTOBER 2017 Monthly Bundle (Incl. Rise of the Tomb Raider) 💜 (they tend to be pretty right on the nose about those things)
someone very likely identified it by accepting/claiming the early unlock, then noticed it was only the old/base/standard edition and notified the OP
it’s even discussed in the in the comments, with screenshots too to extra confirm

some are okay with it “only” being the base game, others would have liked it to be the “full” game/anniversary edition
either way it’s a great game (imo),
personally i fall in the “would have liked it to be anniversary edition” category, so i don’t think the “fake” 60$ msrp are all that fitting or making it add much value to the bundle, and i worry it would detract from the rest because of it (i’m cynical like that :wink: )

good game tho if you’re into that sorta thing, so even “just” the base game might be well worth it to those that like such things
(i already own it, so would have liked the anniversary edition even more because of that too, to hopefully have used as an upgrade)

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:confused: an old school exploration platformer in this modern day and age?!?:thinking:
how will the people ever get by without climbing/get from a-b by just pressing X?!? :confounded:
by the holy QTE wont someone please think of the children! :smile_cat:

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I read that page, they said they knew it wasn’t the special one because of the ID in the steam page they were linked to. smart buggers.

also this screenshot in the same thread
since steam identifies which (if multiple exists) version is activated, so that’s probably pretty solid info too that it’s not anniversary when it says “standard edition” in account info :wink: