New Zealand

Anyone that has been affected by this horrible event, my thoughts and prayers go to you. I never had so much sadness and anger before, and it sickens me that some people enjoy the the murderings of men, women, and children. We have all been desensitized by so many horrible shootings in the past, and as it continues, we will begin to see it as normal. But I want you to just picture your family, girlfriend, wife, son, daughter, pet, or any one you love being stripped away because someone just felt like killing them. Not even knowing them. This incident has impacted my family greatly and for some they will continue there days just normal. Make sure to tell anyone you love, YOU LOVE THEM. Nothing is promised and never will. Please be safe.

Thank you.


So true. Sorry for your pain. This was such a tragedy.:cry:


I live about 15 minutes away…