New Year's Resolutions - to keep or not to keep?

So! I swore not to buy any games this year. Guess what I found this morning by accident?

I so want to, lol. It’d even run, :rofl:

Hee hee, @AcornAvenger


On a serious note, I plan to study more and apply myself to writing. I’ll jump back into crochet designing too - see if it really sticks. It’s hard for me to tell the difference between what I enjoy and what I’m just in the habit of doing. I tend to do stuff compulsively for hours, like cleaning, heh.

I’ve been told it’s not OCD, but it is how I deal with anxiety: tedious, repetitious tasks. Herm.


OK in all seriousness too, I don’t really have New Years Resolution because I always see it as being abandoned almost immediately. I don’t have that drive anyways. Yes, it’s symbolic and all that but I could do something like that any other time of the year. Sorry if I said something controversial but that’s my opinion in three things.


Same. There’s a ton of things I’d like to do, that may even be good for me, but I do lists like I’ve done giveaways - on the fly. Pre-planning makes me antsy somehow. O_O


My brother told me he’d get fat as a new years resolution. Either he gets to eat a ton and succeeds or he fails, both are fine results.


Reminds me of the joke status bestie put up:




“save the oppressed squirrels”? You are not oppressed, unless it’s by me :stuck_out_tongue:

I searched for acorns after that on steam and found this:

That game even says the squirrels are the enemy :eyes: …So we can fight them together… I mean I WILL AVENGE THOSE ACORNS

Talking about resolutions though, I also don’t really participate because I enjoy constant self-improvement so I always have some sort of new goal/s I’m aiming towards. Although I usually pick up too many and then don’t win :frowning: xD

Take up cross-stitching! Try colouring in. Or knitting xD

I relate to this so hard!

So I guess my resolutions (or goals at the moment) are to fix my posture ( I’m a slouchy acorn ), get more achievements because I’m addicted to that, buy myself a car and finally reply to @Danacscott’s message :laughing:


I stopped doing resolutions in my 40’s. It was a waste of time and depressing because I never kept them.


I find cross-stitch fascinating, but have never tried it. I have to teach myself to knit again. Need to learn a different method though - it’s a mix of continental and something else - forget the specific name.

Glad to finally hear someone else say that! T_T It’s always bothered me. For instance, I love Gothic styles, and would dress that way, but then I don’t coz I’m not that … dark? by nature. Life is confusing, lol.

Relatable - I too have ze awful posture. Trying to learn to sleep on my back - tis agony!

Hope the car happens and take all the time to reply that you need lil Acorn. The Squirrel is here… waiting. Mwahahaha! ( joking :heart: )