New World

I’ve never played an MMO RPG, I don’t think, but I’m kinda feeling this one now that I’m seeing actual gameplay and shit.

not rly interested to go play the beta right now; i know there’s keys being given away and shit, but gonna keep an eye on this and maybe might get into it once it comes out or sometime after, possibly


Pretty much same here. Looks nice ,but i’m not in a place to throw 40€ its way so yeah. Gonna keep an eye on it.


I’ve been playing it, it is a lot of fun. I mean it is no FFXIV but I think for what it is trying to do, it does it well so far. Only MMO after FFXIV that I actually like.


I kept a watch on this one too. A friend offered me the game and i told them to hold off on that.

I thought the beta test ended months ago? In May I think? (Edit: Nevermind, it was the alpha.) They had a bit of an uproar with game refunds during the alpha with quite a few problems.

If I recall, a specific boss (spriggan?) drops the best loot in the game needing 6 players so crafting is meaningless. The game was originally pvp oriented but became more group pve and solo oriented. Large groups of players would join 1 faction and 1 faction would dominate the server. Rewards in pvp are similar for casual pvp players who play 4 hours and “hard-core” pvp players who play 18 hours, making groups of dedicated players lose interest. Players are protected from being ganked in open pvp. More instanced content rather than a sandbox mmo. Large guilds with 10+ players are forced to include non-guild solo players. Players can troll guild territories because random players can join a corrupted invasion and refuse to participate making the guild lose.

And their forums are sanitized with quick bans for criticism.

So their target audience is…solo players who do instanced pve and sometimes does pvp. But I haven’t played it. So be sure to tell me I’m wrong because I’m just relaying what was told to me and I can’t say I’m right. But I am very very hesitant and suspicious of how this game will turn out. I’ll keep in contact with my friend but I don’t want to waste their money buying me a game I won’t like.