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new update ruined my streak


I was 1 day away from a legendary chest yesterday but now I am 2 spins from an epic (with days missed) ;_;

nice car :slight_smile:


Edit (since error 429): (with no days missed)


i’m confused lol
didn’t you have a day (the chronomicon/cyber monday) where you said you somehow got 2 coin clicks?, if so, i wonder if that maybe raised you total tally +1, and now “you & I” are out of sync because of that… :thinking: :man_shrugging:

you used to be a day behind Truly etc. too, -like me… so did you gain a day, or did i lose a day -without breaking my streak somehow? :dizzy_face:

-dark sorcery is at work somewhere :thinking:


Hmn, yeah I did get 2 coin rolls the day the necronomicon puzzle thing happened, there were others that got more as well. That was never removed from what I could tell so maybe that did get me an additional point to the spin counter.

Though I’ve always identified as a “day1er” and now I’ve finally gotten to transition! Look at me now @Truly, look at me!


HEY!!! Meeeee toooo!




We agree that the messaging around the streak change could be more clear but rest assured that nobody will lose potential coins because of the change. We’re looking at adding a note to the coin wallet page to make things more clear for users :slight_smile:


I was at about 20 or something when they reset my streak to 3 for some reason. FU shady ass shit site


That’s a bit excessive, if you’ve cared to read this thread you’d have found the explanation for this. If you can’t accept the explanation then that’s unfortunate, but there’s certainly nothing shady going on here it’s all perfectly transparent.


You really need to chill here. That type of language is not necessary

As @Fraggles, so eloquently said…Nothing shady here; Please read the thread… Patch Notes NTM, you will soon get 2500 coins.
Be Happy!:smiley:


I think I found the only comment you haven’t liked

@frst I got closer to a legendary chest, so I’m happy. Now if only I could spend my fortune.


I’m not even sure why anyone is upset, you carry on like you are missing out on money (it kind of is) but its not. Everyone gets coins, the amount you get each time is not known and very different. You still get coins everyday you click, there is no reward for having the most.
It boggles my mind how people get this upset.
You are actually getting what you should have been getting this whole time had you not missed a day.
I honestly think this is a better system. I am much less worried about missing a day now.


I was three days from the legendary chest… now i’m on day 8 :frowning:


I was on day 29. DAY. 29. I DEMAAAAND. COMPENSAAAAATIOOOOOOOOOOON. or not its just virtual coins really.


chrono even put a quick explanation text directly on the wallet page right where the chest counter are :man_facepalming:, with a link to the full explanation :confounded:
-seems people not (remotely) reading anything at all, is still a thing… despite chrono’s best efforts to make it as visible and obvious as possible…


Honestly at this point I rly hope Chrono will flood the coin shop with POOP games cuz that’s exactly what some ppl deserve


I am NOT liking this post.^


it would do some ppl some good is all i’m saying


afraid enough likes might make it happen? :smirk:

*hovers finger