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(new)Topics per day limit


would it be possible to increase the "create new topics"limit/day for something like regulars, to a little more than the current 20?

i know it’s not something that’s going to be an issue super often, seeing as how it’s usually only in “need” regarding to (big) giveaways, due to the way PM’s count,
(since no one actually (thankfully) usually ever creates 20 new “actual topics” within the limitation+24h cycle)
but if the discourse settings allows, then maybe 30-35ish could be okay?
-or 50?, maybe 50!? :crazy_face: *breathes -“relax Gnuff, don’t get greedy now” :relieved:


Challenge accepted






Than what will I do as a good alt? I will lose my purpose!


I just checked and it does seem like they let us set them differently but they were both set to 20. SO I up’d the PM limit to 40 but kept the thread limit to 20 (because 20 topics in a day seems like a lot to me?!).

Super easy to change so let us know if that doesn’t do the trick and thanks for being so generous and awesome to the community! :smiley:



“ask and thee shall receive” -chrono cats are bestest cats :smirk_cat: :+1:
thank you !! :heart_eyes:


Another solution, if you find you really are going to need more than 40 messages sent out is to create just the one message to send to all winners of your giveaway and ask them to send you a PM back. This way you only create one thread and each winner creates one new thread to which you only respond with the winning keys or whatever else is going on. Cuts down on the whole respond within 24h back and forth a bit too.

Congratulations you have won!
To claim your prize and find out what send me a new private message within 24h, do not respond to this thread.

Of course you could also have fun with making it sound real super fishy if you wanted to, so that’s a bonus(?). The risk is that you’re going to get a lot of people responding to that PM despite being clearly told not to, but hey what can you do?


I guess some people don’t want to say they won or something… at least that’s my observation from some giveaways. In this scenario every winner will know the rest though.


Yes that is true, I guess discourse need a bcc line for new topics.





Ooooh now i see the reason for the 20 topics. :slight_smile:

Permission Granted


seems PM limit is still 20(new)/counting as new topics just the same as before :wink:


I don’t mind :rofl:! I have purpose again as an alt!


Don’t forget to…
…for your good fortune.


Hmmm, I just double checked. I wonder if it doesn’t matter what messages are set to if the topic limit is lower than the message limit. I will look into it further tyty.


and no worries, like mentioned, it’s probably only a rare occasion “need” anyways -and did manage to work around it with some backup this time too :blush: