New Shop Games - 11/29/19



Everyone wants to know what the future holds. Will there FINALLY be flying cars and hoverboards? Will we have sweet genetic modifications? Will our robot overlords maintain our holidays and celebrate AI Thanksgiving and Black Friday? These are the important questions of our time. Maybe you’ll find the answers in one of these two new coin shop games…

  • Sentience: The Android’s Tale
    You can remember nothing before this moment. Your existence begins with a keystroke followed by the flick of a switch. Electrical power streams into your neural network, and you are alive.
  • Death Fungeon
    A puzzle platform game, with both stealth and parkour elements. Use your wits, cunning and agility to escape this deadly prison. Take the stealthy approach, progressing slowly, hiding and staying out of sight. Or utilise your athleticism to wall jump, ledge grab and speed run your way to freedom.

Androids like sweet deals too.


I may grab Sentience. ^^ Nice new games.


May I suggest the option to convert coins into a store discount?

The last game I was interested in was “Heroes of Hammerwatch”, more than a year ago.
The only game I bought in 2019 was “Seeds of Resilience”, because I had more coins than I could possibly need and a friend had the game wishlisted,

Besides that I just sit on my 43k coins and get disappointed bi-weekly.
I’d be happy with a 10k coins per dollar discount ratio. Considering the games we got I’d probably even take 1/10 of that.


I would like more Minion Masters related DLC :smiley:


@Golwar. I came with the same idea this year. The answer was NO, because that whould make no profit of selling the Today’s deal game.

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Oh well. I think such an option would help with both issues for but ultimately it’s their (business) decision.
But it would really help with their discounts, which can rarely compete with other stores, and their coins became more of a frustrating than joyful addition to the store experience.

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I don’t find. It seems most of us have a backlog of “wish I had time to play that games”. Not always finding stuff in the Coin Shop is akin to other stores releasing bundles you have no interest in. :sweat:

The coins are free, so some day, you definitely have enough to buy something you like. Also happy to see some games way under 10 and 15k. :thinking:

is reminded I have a good few Coin Shop purchases not activated :blush:
bet I can’t run them on this potato either :cry:


At the end of the day, the coins are a free addition they don’t need to provide anyone. And if you can’t find a game you like, the coins provide you something to bargain with others for (and it happens a lot, I’ve seen). Look at it from that angle if you need to. You can save them and maybe they’ll add a “mega” game, or if they don’t, you got a huge pile of coins to spend however you see fit.


another meh weekly game coins…good old days when good games were added and i can’t afford them…now i can but games are very meh…life

Some negativity going on in here so imma balance it out.

I’ve been eyeing Sentience for months now, really. Tried to trade for it over at barter a couple of times to no avail. So TY so much Chrono for the key! Real excited to try it out. :butterfly:


Seriously you went to all that trouble for a game that’s 1 dollar on steam in the sale.You my friend are either very cheap or seriously over dedicated to getting a bargain.

  1. I’m not your friend.
  2. How I acquire my games is my business.

Have a nice Sunday!


I don’t agree with a lot of things my parents did to raise me. But My mother did drill one old adage into my head.

If you can’t say something nice about someone, DO NOT say anything at all.

Also I want to go on record saying…

Your comment added nothing to the conversation :-1:t3::-1:t3::-1:t3:

Sorry, Mom :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation: