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New notification system?


Why are notifications now not showing on top, but rather in a sub menu, where you need to click a menu, THEN another sub menu for the specific topic.
Extremely annoying


unsure what you mean?
Forum notifications, store/chrono notifications? Changes to notifications system?
i haven’t really noticed any changes in the functionality of notifications myself
and forumwise, it’s how the discourse system runs? don’t really know if the admin settings can change that

^for me like it’s always been (on the forum part) -get a notification “mark” on profile icon, click profile icon for my drop down list of notification, click individual notification to be taken directly to it, If “many” notifications needing to click expand to get taken to full notification page, because obviously can’t display all. Just like always


I’m not sure what you mean, they have always been that way for me and checking the current forum version, it doesn’t look like it has been updated recently.


I’m not getting that right menu any more. And no, I’m not using any adblockers.


okay now i see what’s happening
wrong menu
looks like your avatar is a little borked atm image
so it’s probably not displaying proper on your menu, you actually need to be clicking a little to the right of the section menu, and click on your actual icon/profile menu image
unsure if you can click on it with the server borking your avatar, but try see if you can click in that obvious blank space that is next to the three tab lines button

maybe @dusty or @lonin knows what’s up with whatever handles your avatar script thingy atm for it to come back as normal

just seem to happen sometimes here and there where forum “stuff” gets a bit wonky temporarily or something


Good catch! I’d try changing your profile picture first to see if that will help and if that doesn’t we can troubleshoot some more @AtlasRedux


Some people call it "The hamburger menu"


did you just call me “some people” ?! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:



if you check the keyboard shortcuts, it’s literally called “hamburger menu”


Considering your bit of lore in the Chrono forums, you do actually qualify as “some people”.

@Pylinaer it is indeed :yum: