New Humble Bundle

So I know everyone wants games but I think this is awesome.

D&D Comics :smiley:


So do I!..But I don’t want to spend 15.00 US on Comics…grumble…grumble!!!


No game bundles and free games?


This is probably one of the non-game bundle that has tempted me the most up to this point. I have read almost, if not all of these books in the past, not the comics.


I know me too… I keep trying to ignore it…but it keeps calling my name!


Much as I like comics and am tempted by this bundle, many a comic have distorted my own imagination of certain worlds and characters from my own internal visualization from the wonders of written texts.

My biggest issue with this bundle, and I am not certain whether it is a real issue, is that the first two books of Dark Elf trilogy are in there, but where is the third? Please pardon my ignorance if the third book is not yet been illustrated, but this really gnaws at me, since that is possibly my favorite story out of all of D&D ever.

With those two problems I see, I wonder if I should just forgo the deal and go home and pick up the Dark Elf trilogy (in book format) again and reread that instead.


I may have already tossed them a dollar and am currently reading Legends of Baldur’s Gate… :rofl:


This has seemed to be the way most comics and books bundles I’ve ever seen works. You get the first or the first few issues of something leaving you to buy the rest of it for full price if you want to read the whole thing. Like giving you a good price on a game that has 5-20 pieces of DLC that’s never discounted or bundled… looking at you paradox.


I have to repeatedly remind myself that I live in a capitalistic society where money and greed far outweigh kindness and good. With that realization, I am even more appreciative of our Chrono community, I am so happy to have found this place.


Well that’s also the most uncharitable way to look at it. You could also consider it a good choice for someone who is looking to pick something new up but don’t really know what they want. A bundle full of different incomplete stuff offers you the ability to pick up and sample a wide variety of things at a relatively low cost per item compared to walking into a bookstore and buying the first novel in every sci-fi series on offer.

The bundles just never were intended for someone to be allowed to grab a complete collection of something for a song. Even if we’d really like for that to be the case.


That’s also very true. I think this is the old me speaking, the need to have everything related to a single subject, until it became unmanageable. I was definitely not considering this from the perspective of someone who is new to these stories. Not to mention most of these stories were written in books years apart from each other. Thanks for the new perspective, I will go and ponder on this bundle some more with a more positive attitude.

It’s difficult to break myself away from our society’s current state, I haven’t been the same since Nov 2016…


I know that feeling…It’s a punch in the gut feeling…

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I’ll trade Affluenza: How Overconsumption Is Killing Us by Berrett Koehler for Augmented Reality by Jon Peddie…I love learning if anyone wants to share