new games tonight?

Saw 2 coming soons when I woke up from a nap about 2 hours earlier. Here’s hoping they are extra special since its steam summer sale. :stuck_out_tongue:

Unfortunately, I’ve done goofed and broke my streak, otherwise I would have gotten the 14 day chest exactly when the new games will be put on the shop, and would have had enough coins for either game. Alas I’ll just have to hope nothing I particularly like is put up this time.

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I have received word from a very reputable source that both slots will be filled with There’s Poop In My Soup. Or maybe Bad Rats.


Hope they reveals when new daily deal starts :grin:

Want a sneak peak?

Head for your account and have a look in the ‘Recently Added to Shop’ panel on the Coins page. Mousing over the upcoming games gives a thumbnail view of a screenshot.


Sneaky! Seems like you can also copy the media urls of the thumbnails, which makes them appear as short mp4-videos of the games:

    Absolutely devious :imp:. No idea what the games are though.

Does anyone know exactly when they add games to the coin shop?

Ancient Planet Tower Defense and Cosmochoria.

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Any idea when they go live?

Uuh, nice! I was just thinking about how fun it would be if they made some “Guess the upcomming shop games” quizzes about 24 hours or less before they added new games. So, this is basically exactly that!

I hope they don’t “fix” this, or maybe only so the thumbnail image is all that’s shown. That’s fun!

As for the games: Nothing for me, but one with a 90% and one with 75% overall positive rating on Steam, so pretty nice! Both are cheap on their own during the current sale, but I guess that’s much more reasonable of Chrono than to ever include something like Brigador again, as much as I loved it’s being added. Getting some games for free that might be cheap anyway, but that I just wouldn’t purchase for lack of incentive, is actually really nice.

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they are up

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Looks like they fixed the thumbnail oversight.

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First thing I checked upon learning the fillers were up :stuck_out_tongue:.

If I end up liking either game I still have a bunch of leftover bundled games where I could trade one for one of them. Will see if I end up wanting either one and if anyone’s interested in trade.

I cant wait for those Gta V keys for 2500 coins.


games are up

Well got one game already on steam. Got the other game already on ps4. So gonna pass on this sale.