New games for coins - day/time (time zone)

I would like to know what day of the week and what time do new games usually appear in coin shop? So far most games are unavailable before I can see them. Maybe it is because of Europe time zone being ill slotted. However 1800 for daily offers is very nice.

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The Chrono staff need flexibility, the only thing we’re getting is it should be every 2 weeks but it was late the last time by a day or two i think and they also switch up the time they release the keys a bit i think. You may like to know but you’re not gonna know, welcome to the club.

Do you know when the last time was? I understand that the staff need flexibility, so a countdown isn’t happening. But maybe a counter since the last addition to the shop would be a good idea, so that people know “oh, it’s probably about another 1.5 weeks” or “ah, I should keep my eyes open the next 1-3 days!”.


Paging @lonin to take note of the idea, variation on the timer thing.

And the last batch came out on the 2nd between 20h and midnight CEST so between 2 and 6 hours after the daily i think but it used to be a longer wait if im not mistaken.

Expect to some action by the end of this week, somewhere around Friday, a day less or more, is ambiguous as that.

seem to be around thursday/friday/saturday, depending on timezones(and flexibility), every 2 weeks, so at the end of this week is when you should start to pay attention
sign up for notification and they send you a neat little email when they release games, (also counts for coin shop), and i think someone was talking about some other feed notification too in another thread (i forgot where)

D’you mean this one?

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that might look like the one yup

Postal 2 has an amazing deal now, so I would say that it would be amazing if the staff could stock up on it.