New games every 2 weeks? Where?

Maybe I’m missing something here but I haven’t seen any new games added in over 3 weeks or longer. Every day I get my coins to save up for something that comes along that I might be interested in that I don’t already have (1600+ steam library) but yet I never see any new games posted. It’s the same 5-10 games that are nowhere near close to selling out or almost sold out. So when it says new games added every 2 weeks or 20K minutes or whatever, where are they? I don’t see them. I’m not mad or pissed off or anything but I just don’t see the current offerings every changing.

Just curious, maybe I’m wrong.

Edit: yes I know my community account is new so that I could ask this question but I’m not new to collecting these Chronos! Which I love the idea of this even if some games aren’t my favorite genre.


The last coin store update was on the 9th or 10th last week. There will be another update early next weekend.
This is the thread where we keep track of and discuss the new coin store releases.


Oh ok, I missed that somehow. Appreciate the update there Fragglerock.