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Bardbarian and Verdict Guilty - 유죄 평결

I jumped on Bardbarian myself (my coins are dwindling lol), been eyeing that sucker a couple of times.
Tho likely just another game to add that will end up taking a good while before i even get to try and play it anyway lol :ghost:

Discuss! :smile_cat:


Verdict Guilty looks dumb and the artwork is pretty bad, I bought it.:ok_hand:


I took a look at Bardbarian too, but some steam reviews say it’s very grind heavy :confused:
could you do me a favour and share your experience with it so I get a better idea if I have to play the first level 30 times before I can advance to the next? :smiley:

I got The Walking Dead and Monaco.


sure :thumbsup: :ghost:

-lemme get back to you in 6-8months time

but i think the grind comments was what dissuaded me from purchasing it a couple times, but for free, how can one resist


got Monaco too, -already owned The Walking dead
(still haven’t purchased s3 yet tho, probably too afraid i’ll get my heart jerked out, if Clem doesn’t get a happy rainbow ending with unicorns and butterflies)

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I got Bardbarian too even tho it doesn’t have a Linux Version. We just put out a big sum of mula…for my eye op so I have to budget my money for the next 2 months…GRRRR!:rage: So I figured get it for free…And it is FREE!

I won Slime Ranchers and One Finger Death Punch…AGAIN last week and today I got to find I won Songbringer so I am NOT complaining…


Did anyone happen to read the email announcement of the new coin shop games? :joy:


Ladies and gentlemen of the court, the defendent standing before you today has been accused of a heinous crime. A crime so deviant, disgusting, and dastardly that I hesitate to even utter it in these hallowed halls. The defendent has… purchased the hilarious indie game There’s Poop in My Soup on the Coin Shop.

Order! Order!

While this vile act may seem unforgivable, we are prepared to offer the defendent two avenues for rehabilitation. The defendent must play one of these excellent new games:

You play as Brad the barbarian, who is awoken to the sounds of his town under siege. Today is different though; Brad has grown tired of fighting all the time. The usual grind for XP has grown dull, and he has decided to pursue his dreams of making music instead of shedding blood.

Verdict Guilty - 유죄 평결
Verdict Guilty is a 90’s style fighting game featuring unique hand and gun combat set in the dangerous city of Neo Seoul. Neo Seoul has been hit with a wave of terrorist and crime attacks, only a few good officers remain willing to battle this new evil. Discover the dark secrets of Neo Seoul as you fight your way.
Make your choice and repay your debt to society.


i love how Poop continues to be a source of amusement around Chrono, -even to inject itself into future coin shop release announcements! :joy_cat:

don’t listen to the haters @lonin@frst@dusty, don’t ever change Shop games) too much, i love this stuff :thumbsup:


The games are good, I really like the style of Verdict Guilty and I’d get Bardbarian if I didn’t own Torchlight 2 (the only hack-n-slash I’d play) I’ll just keep saving coins until chrono drops a bomb on the store :smiley:

Verdict Guilty is very good, the art style is also great. Bought it on the sale Steam sale for 50 cents, totally worth it (and they keep updating it, great devs).

I’m not sure about Bardbarian, I like the art style and the theme but I don’t like tower defense games at all (only a couple of them I enjoyed, Orcs Must Die and Dungeon Defenders, but mostly because of the hack ‘n’ slash elements).


Verdict Guilty is a lot of fun, especially with its most recent update. I love that game. And it’s developed by one guy who is very responsive on Steam, so that’s cool, too.

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I don’t know, i picked up both games and played some VG tonight. I can’t complain since i got it for free but i really wasn’t impressed. Not a bad game but not that great either. Good selection for the coin shop. There’s only 8 playable characters, with no alternates. You only get a “palette swap” version if you do a mirror match in versus mode and even then the colors are the same, only slightly lighter. The AI felt inconsistent to me and i don’t think my inputs were being read properly either (gamepad). Overall it’s a very basic fighting game with nothing special aside from the theme of Neo Seoul. Not as good as SFII in my opinion. Would be a lot nicer if the dev at least made some of the non-playable characters unlockable and added real palette swaps for the characters. Is that asking too much? I’ll give it a 5/10 as it is right now.

PS: If you pick up VG and it doesn’t recognize your gamepad, use x360ce.

I grabbed Verdict Guilty. Heard some interesting things about it back when gaming sites talked about the launch press release.

Also who wrote the E-mail newsletter? As @DanosaurJr pointed out, the reference to There’s Poop in My Soup was absolutely hilarious! @lonin was that you? I’m pretty sure Alex isn’t aware of our inside joke about how the keys will never sell out. Maybe it was @frst ? Could be @dusty if he wanted to write one, since he is the one threatening to constantly replenish keys using magic or something.


'Twas me. :slight_smile:


I took a look at Bardbarian too, but some steam reviews say it’s very grind heavy :confused:
could you do me a favour and share your experience with it so I get a better idea if I have to play the first level 30 times before I can advance to the next? :smiley:

Owned Bardbarian on mobile; can confirm very grind-heavy but as long as you do it in moderate sessions rather than one long gameplay, it can be enjoyable and satisfying except towards the end.

A fun game conceptually imo, as it’s somewhat tower-defense based but you take an active role moving around with the units around you auto-attacking and accounting for a large amount of the damage output (relative to other games where the towers do most of the work).

It’s most definitely a flash-gone-mobile game, so keep that in mind when building your expectations. With that said, if that’s what you’re looking for and can spare the coins I’d say it’s a great title to pick up especially if you’re the type to play to completion. Ideally best for short sessions, and not like two hours straight of gameplay.


thank you, that was very informative! :slight_smile:

Well written Sir.

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Just a heads up, Verdict Guilty was just updated today so that now you can unlock the alternate characters by beating arcade-standard mode. Such a small change that could be huge IMO. Now i hope the dev makes the alternates’ moves a bit different a la Ken and Ryu (Ken is faster, Ryu is stronger) so that there’s an actual reason to play them. Still, a nice change that gives more purpose to playing.


Agreed. It’s a pretty fun game.