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New Free Borderlands 2 DLC Now Available Until July 8th....... I Hear It's EPIC!



I figured I’d have no one to play it with, or difficulty running. Turn around twice and my bestie goes and buys the Mac version on Fanatical. GMG is out of stock and likely not restocking. Bummed, but eh, happens.


I finished going through the new DLC. While it wasn’t my favorite additional content, I’d say it was completely on par for the game, and it was simply nice to have some new content to play (and free, to boot). The additional 8 character levels is perhaps the nicest addition, since these are actual levels (not OP levels) and therefore you get skill points for them. Another 8 points is a significant benefit to the skill trees since they’re built on 5-point tiers.

I believe you can also create a character right at level 30 now, though I haven’t tried it yet (I’m working my way to 80). I don’t know that I’d ever use this option, but judging by the number of powerleveling requests in the BL2 forums, there was obviously a need for a game feature that lets you skip large portions of playing the game :thinking:.

In general, it’s just awesome that the game is still getting new content this long after release.


Not to mention the crit spots, and dmg types and dmg weakness, shield stripping, debuffs, and what not


It’s hard to pass up this much game for 6 bucks, but I’m not sold yet. We’ll see, especially with the limited run(?) free DLC available. I tend to only pick up games after major sales(and years after they come out) so this is tempting. There’s other games on my wishlist I would go for first though.