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NEW Free Battle Royale



Yes I know, I skimmed the other Battle Royale thread. But that one seemed very negative against the genre. And that’s okay.

But here’s a free game.

I really Liked Titanfalls, and I really like CoD Battle Royale.

This looks like a blend of the two from all the streamed gameplay I’ve seen. Good luck if you play. If you don’t, that’s okay too. Because it’s free to play.

Have a great Monday!


EA creating something to be F2P/F2W is a myth lol


Not another one…


At this point I’d take anything if it would topple Fortnite. I’m sick of hearing about that game. :sweat_smile:


EA gonna solve Kids doing Fortnite dance problem with 99$ dancing DLCs…



I think this is hard for anyone. But the ones we know of are exceptions to that rule. DOTA, LoL, and Fortnite were all mods, and player created originally.

Don’t worry, it’s fun to try new things. And this has a couple small implementations that make for a clean experience.

I don’t think this will. It’s fun and it’s free, but the playerbase is fragmented now between all the options.

All of the character models look great! Cosplay options are going to be phenomenal. But I haven’t seen any dances yet = (

Thank you for your replies!


Then a 99$ Standing Still DLC… lol