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New font size makes reading more difficult on the site


I may be nitpicking, but I noticed that the font size and or style for the site has been changed. It’s a lot harder to read now and it just looks worse. I don’t know if I should talk to somebody about this or if someone else feels the same way. I figured I would make a post about this since this pertains to the site and I found it a bit distracting to me. Still love this site, but figured I would implement my thoughts on this. Anyone else feel similar?



Sorry you’re having troubles on the site. I would love to see a screenshot of what you’re seeing if you wouldn’t mind taking one.

I’d also check that you haven’t accidentally zoomed in or out on the site which might cause fonts to display differently.

As far as I can recall we haven’t made any changes lately that would cause this but I’ll think on it and poke around. A screenshot will be a big help though.

Thanks for your patience!


Just for the record, mine has not changed in either Firefox, Chrome or Vivaldi.


Hmm… Weird. Yeah I haven’t made any changes since I was last on here. I noticed that it was drastically different than before though. I’ll see how it looks on other browsers.


I checked firefox and it looked normal. Opened a new window in chrome without signing in to see if it was any different and it was the same thing as it currently is. This is just strange.


Any chance you zoomed in or out? :smiley: Chrome remembers such adjustments no matter if you are logged in or not.


I just updated Chrome and Vivaldi this past week.


Rebooted the computer and that fixed it… Wow computers make no sense. Especially this one. Thanks for the help anyways everyone!


step 1


he was right


This thread can probably be deleted if that is deemed necessary.