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New deal timer.


Hey, I think it would be good to have a timer for when new games come into the coin shop. Without it, it´s like “when´s gonna be new games I dunno. It could be today or in 5 I forgot when it last restocked.”


The games are put up every other Friday usually within an hour after the daily deal is up. If you can’t remember if something was released last Friday or not then click on a game in the shop and it will tell you the date it was put up. From there you can easily calculate it yourself.

A timer is a bad idea as that encourages people to hammer the site at the same time making sure it wont cope with the traffic, making response times slow and causing everyone to complain about being unable to buy their games.


There is website that someone made that tells you when the coin shop is restocked.


@NICK9X9 That’s pretty cool! Got my Timezone right too.


Helpful Website ft. @KSib @ChildishGiant