New Coin Shop Games Up

New games are Insurgency and Super Trench Attack


i wonder how fast Insurgency will last, considering how popular it is vs price and Chrono users that don’t already own it

I bought insurgency in the last steam sale. But Super Trench Attack looks sufficiently interesting, I’ve grabbed a copy of that one.


I bought insurgency with coins. First coin game I’ve bought on here so kinda glad I waited for something good to show up! More of the same please! :smiley:


@Gnuffi yea Insurgency has been on my steam wishlist for a while.

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Already have Insurgency otherwise, pick it up if you don’t have it! A quick check let me know I have Super Trench Attack 2. Now I have both.

got Insurgency

Both should last since they were given away for free in the past.

Wait did they free before? Sure both games have been bundled quite a lot of times, but I don’t remember them free anywhere.

Insurgency was free on the HumbleStore around 3 years ago ^^

I’m not so sure if I know that event, but I know there is a bundle where you had to purchase it to get extra copies of Insurgency, if that is the case I don’t think that can be called free :wink:

I like Insurgency’s coin shop preview video loop. I had to make a bit of effort to see where the looping point was.