Neverwinter Pack Free on Humble

You need a free Neverwinter account to use it, but hey, free stuff is free stuff…


Aren’t we supposed to get a NEW bundle today???


just a software bundle… no games today. :frowning:




If anyone wants the pack, I don’t use Neverwinter, so I will happily get rid of it.


And what a crock of…Nevermind…I would rather chew off my own hand than buy any Iobit products.


What’s wrong with iobit though?! :smiley: I use them since ages … but tbf there was way cheaper bundle in fanatical last few weeks …

About Neverwinter nights… the first game was masterpiece… the pinnacle of one unit SP in D&D world until Star Wars KOTOR! Every neverwinter after that is debatable in my book :slight_smile: Thanks Maoski for the info though, like always!

I’m forced to edit yet again 'cuz of this - Redeem your Humble Bundle Neverwinter Pack key before it expires on February 11 at 11 a.m. Pacific time.
Me knowing IGN this might be not 2019th february they are talking about… :smiley:


Do you remember that fiasco with that developer who tried to pull the invalid keys and ended up taking real keyholders down too? Well, Iobit did that…and they were not polite with it. Then they added pups to their installers

and then…the last straw for me was…When they stole MalwareBytes database and used it in their software.

But if you are happy with them…then by all means…use it.

I used them for a long time('til 2009) but their shady practices made me lose my faith in them. I took my money elsewhere…


I didn’t knew about that at all, but it really makes sense. I use just system care, uninstaller and iobit smart defrag… I don’t trust non antivirus companies and software engineers going all “protection”! Even my payed Avast decides to shit on everything by blocking whatever it wants.

Ppl really need to understand what they are installing and what they are having on their pc and never forget to set up your programs to ASK FIRST before they take any actions…


Exactly. I have a LIFETIME key for both Malwarebytes and superantispyware because I wanted them to auto update(which has only bit me in the butt once) But sometimes these programs update as much as 4 times a day…So I like them being updated.

My Virus scan Is Comodo and I never pay for Virus scanners. The people who make the viruses do not go to the paid companies and say…Oh…I am inflicting a virus…so they know about them FIRST!!! I have been on the net since 1994 and I have never had a virus…You use your head…not your fingers…It’s always the pebkacs!


Sorry, @YQMaoski for the hijack!