(nevermind lol) Refund for Full Metal Furies? (cost less on steam...or so I thought)

on the 12/19/18 this game was on sale on Chrono like 8 bucks so I got it for me and a friend while it was on sale, I get on steam and look at it on the store page the next day and what do I see? Its on sale IN A BUNDLE Rouge Legacy included for 2.39! Very much not happy with this purchase now as I usually think I get some really good deals on here but if you turn around and see it cheaper the very next day you feel like you got conned ya know?

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I don’t speak for the mods. But I’m sure they have no connection to sales on steam.

You can try to get a refund through help@chrono.gg. But no guarantees. Especially since many other buyers probably made the same purchase until steam undercut the chrono.gg discount. Maybe if you’re really polite about it, they will be understanding.


They used to write “Cheapest that has ever been” but stopped some time ago. Not sure if beating the numbers is not as much as a priority due to higher customers or it’s just hard to keep doing it while selling a lot of different games.

I understand however you can be angry since it seems sales are going lower and lower to grab every possible customer: however, that would be more in line with the developer of the game and not with the retailers, in this case, Chrono.GG and Steam.


They may be more understanding if you’re on a very limited gaming budget where every dollar counts. For example a college student. Hope that helps.

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that’s, not, how, Steam Bundles, work :confounded:

you are seeing the bundle price for 2.39 because you already own Full Metal furies
my bundle cost for instance is 6.60€ at 60% off because i already own rogue legacy
-and if you own none of the games the price is 8.44€! (visit this page without being signed in to steam Rogue Legacy + Full Metal Furies Super Discount Bundle Bundle Bundle on Steam)
so refunding wouldn’t really help you get it for 2.39 :wink:


whoa you’re right! :o what the heck steam!? Thank you for this lol, just goes to show you really gotta check things carefully sometimes.