Net Neutrality

I’m told the Senate will be voting on this thing tomorrow. Sitting here in Europe keeping an eye on the US and net neutrality for so many years now is getting both tiresome and frustrating, ooh will they, wont they? As much as I would love to do something about it, there really is nothing I can do. Except this.

I’m calling for any of you Americans here who cares at all to try, one last (more) time to get your senate to vote for your rights rather than against them. If you don’t like your current political situation, here’s an actual chance at doing something about it, convince one of your governing branches to do it’s job in keeping the checks and balances against the others.

I’m going to post one of the many emails I’m getting about this since I sign up to these sort of mailing lists with what I thought seemed like rather sound advice.
This is the main link that you can use for all of this which makes it all very easy:

The vote is going to be excruciatingly close. We just got confirmation that there are still several Senators who are on the fence considering voting to save net neutrality—but they’re wavering because they’re afraid of retribution from Comcast’s and Verizon’s army of lobbyists.

We need to make it clear that they should be more afraid of us than they are of them. And we only have a few more hours to make a difference.

We need one more massive flood of phone calls TODAY, while lawmakers are deciding how they’re going to cast their votes. Click here to take action, it only takes a minute!

The outcome of this Senate vote will impact the fight for Internet freedom for years to come. If we turn this into a huge moment, we can shift the dynamic in Washington, DC and get lawmakers from both parties to listen to their constituents for once, at least on this one issue.

So take the next 10 minutes and do anything and everything you can to spread the word and get as many people as possible to call before the vote tomorrow.

After you’ve called your members of Congress, here’s the next best thing you can do to help:

  1. Call Senator Lisa Murkowski at (202) 224-6665 and Senator John Kennedy at (202) 224-4623 and tell them the whole Internet is watching, and that they can be heroes by voting for net neutrality tomorrow.
  2. Forward this email to everyone in your contacts list. Seriously. Be that annoying friend that won’t stop talking about net neutrality, at least for the next 24 hours!
  3. Share everywhere you can: on Facebook, on Twitter, on Reddit—send it to your friends via SMS, DM, or messenger.
  4. If both of your senators are already supporting the CRA to restore net neutrality, go here and use the list to contact your friends in key states like Alaska, Louisiana, Nevada, Florida, Ohio, and Utah.
  5. If you run a website or app, get tools to go on Red Alert between now and the vote here.

I know that so many of you have already called. Already emailed. Already commented to the FCC. I know many of you have shown up at protests and events. I know you’ve helped crowdfund billboards and newspaper ads and mobilized small businesses.

But the next 24 hours could make or break this fight. Please do what you can. This is a moment where the entire Internet needs to go all-in for net neutrality.

-Evan, on behalf of Fight for the Future

I’m sorry this skirts a little uncomfortably close to politics for my own standards for what I’d like to see on this forum and I fully understand if it gets locked/removed. But it is something important that we all are going to be subjected to no matter where we might live. So I hope you’ll forgive me.

Thanks for reading.
Do something!


This fight has been going on for a while, I’m not even sure why it’s still going and why we haven’t won yet. Is the government really a democracy if majority wasn’t accounted for?


big LOL right there, sure it’s a democracy, 100%, just ask any lobbyist, he’ll explain it to u


Because every time we win we only win a reprieve until they find another way to attempt to ruin it. They only need to win once to make it stick pretty hard. That’s why every fight is the last big one because if we lose, that might very well be it.

This time we need congress to overrule the FCC’s attempts to throw out the regulations that were hard won quite a few years back. They have clearly stated their intentions and they will do so unless congress votes to stop it. This happens tomorrow.


I appreciate u trying @Fraggles, but i truly am sry for yr (and everyone’s) loss; if not tomorrow (but probably tomorrow), then quite soon anyhow

i’m not telling anyone to not try btw, but i just wanna express how i feel about this (and a lot of other, similar, shit)

[also it’s kinda different for me as i already live in a place where they do whatever the hell they want whenever they want anyhow, and they don’t even need to change laws or anything like that, though they do like to pretend to]



The senate voted in favour of net neutrality 52-47. Now we'll just have to wait for everything else to go wrong and try to fix that too.

nice, unexpected (to me, at least), lol


so while in the US they are dealing with that, (and passed “a” hurdle)
in the mean time in the EU, this sht is still a thing

srs, how?, what’s up with these fossils and their weird stance towards “our” internet,
how/why the fck is corporate lobbying even legal?, it’s gd damn public bribery
fck copyright trolls in their stupid faces

and when the heeeell will people learn algorithms doesn’t work even closely enough to make sht like this enacted proper :man_facepalming:

if you live in the EU, and like YT, instagram, reddit, forums/blogs, “stuff”, places, etc well, anything really, or just like to “upload”/share a pic or quote that you “technically” didn’t author/create, you might want to start getting angry at your politicians/MEP for even remotely considering bowing into a couple of business’ hands like this :thinking:

anyway, just a thought :man_shrugging:
-i’m always pretty pessimistic and believe we are doomed from the start, but maybe i’ll get proven wrong…


i know it’s all a bit light hearted and such in good spirit, and he probably does a have a few fair points valid atm (for the US)
-but i’m still legit terrified of the state of “our” internet and its next decade.
The GDPR alone had some “annoying” consequences, can only imagine the sting it was for some actual entities/business (hell a few games even had it be part of their reasons for “dying”)
and the proposed online eu copyright directive, has parts that can be viewed as down right scary, -even as just an internet “user” not just for businesses/platforms…

if douchebags keeps getting their way, wont be surprised the day we get vpn bans or china like internet here :worried: #BornPessimist #WhyEvenFight #WeAreAllDoomed(anyway) #Marvin


yup, lost that vote :roll_eyes: :man_facepalming: :face_with_head_bandage:
-that’s it, i’m going back to bed. Wake me when corporations aren’t allowed to buy politics anymore :tired_face::expressionless:



Well good news everyone… for now.
The EU parliament rejected the entire copyright directive today. So it goes back and gets tinkered with for a bit, probably making it worse, then gets voted on again in september. This is unfortunately how the EU operates, don’t get the result you wanted? Vote again until you do!

Also, fuck Paul McCartney.


Yup, fuck Paul.


I went to the effort of finding the voting records. Find out what your EU people are named, search this post for them and see if they voted for or against. Then go nicely convince them of the error of their ways if they’re in the for section.

I2. A8-0245/2018 - Axel Voss - Décision d'engager des négociations
05/07/2018 12:13:21.000
These assholes voted for
ALDE: Ali, Arthuis, Calvet Chambon, Cavada, Cornillet, Deprez, Goerens, Griesbeck, Grigule-Pēterse, Hyusmenova,
Jäätteenmäki, Katainen, Lalonde, Løkkegaard, Marinho e Pinto, Michel, Petersen, Ries, Riquet, Rochefort, Rohde,
Vehkaperä, Verhofstadt
ECR: Dzhambazki, Foster, Henkel, Karim, Kölmel, McClarkin, McIntyre, Marias, Matthews, Nicholson, Procter, Sernagiotto,
Starbatty, Swinburne, Tannock, Zīle
EFDD: Bergeron, Chauprade, Monot
ENF: Arnautu, Bilde, Boutonnet, Briois, Colombier, Goddyn, Jalkh, Lebreton, Lechevalier, Loiseau, Martin Dominique, Mélin,
Schaffhauser, Troszczynski
GUE/NGL: Chrysogonos, Le Hyaric, Omarjee, Vieu
NI: Dodds, Gollnisch, Woolfe
PPE: Ademov, Alliot-Marie, Arimont, Ashworth, Bach, Balz, Becker, Bendtsen, Bogovič, Buda, Buşoi, Cadec, van de Camp,
Casa, Caspary, Cirio, Clune, Coelho, Collin-Langen, Danjean, Dantin, Dati, Delahaye, Deli, Deß, Deutsch, Díaz de Mera
García Consuegra, Didier, Ehler, Engel, Erdős, Faria, Ferber, Fernandes, Gahler, Gál, Gardini, Gieseke, Girling, Gräßle,
Grossetête, Hayes, Hohlmeier, Hölvényi, Hortefeux, Jahr, Járóka, Joulaud, Juvin, Kalniete, Karas, Kefalogiannis, Kelam,
Kelly, Koch, Kósa, Kovatchev, Kuhn, Kyrtsos, Lamassoure, de Lange, Langen, La Via, Lavrilleux, Liese, Lins, LópezIstúriz
White, McAllister, Maletić, Mandl, Mann, Marinescu, Martusciello, Matera, Maullu, Metsola, Millán Mon, Moisă,
Morano, Morin-Chartier, Mureşan, Nagy, Niebler, Novakov, Pabriks, Petir, Pieper, Polčák, Preda, Proust, QuisthoudtRowohl,
Radtke, Rangel, Reding, Ribeiro, Rolin, Ruas, Rübig, Saïfi, Salini, Sander, Saudargas, Schmidt, Schöpflin,
Schreijer-Pierik, Schulze, Schwab, Sógor, Šojdrová, Sommer, Stolojan, Šuica, Szájer, Tőkés, Tolić, Ţurcanu, Urutchev,
Vaidere, Valcárcel Siso, Vandenkendelaere, Verheyen, Voss, Vozemberg-Vrionidi, Weber Manfred, Wieland, Winkler Iuliu,
Zammit Dimech, Zeller, Zovko
S&D: Aguilera García, Anderson Lucy, Andrieu, Androulakis, Arena, Ayala Sender, Balas, Bayet, Berès, Blanco López, Bonafè,
Boştinaru, Bresso, Cabezón Ruiz, Corbett, Costa, Cristea, Dance, Danti, De Castro, De Monte, Fernández, Ferrandino,
García Pérez, Gardiazabal Rubial, Gasbarra, Gentile, Gill Neena, Gloanec Maurin, Grammatikakis, Grapini, Griffin,
Gualtieri, Guerrero Salom, Guillaume, Gutiérrez Prieto, Honeyball, Howarth, Jáuregui Atondo, Khan, Kouroumbashev,
Kyrkos, McAvan, Maňka, Martin Edouard, Maurel, Mavrides, Moody, Morgano, Nica, Palmer, Papadakis Demetris,
Pargneaux, Pavel, Peillon, Picierno, Popa, Revault d'Allonnes Bonnefoy, Rodrigues Liliana, Rodrigues Maria João,
Rodríguez-Piñero Fernández, Rozière, Sant, Sârbu, Sassoli, Serrão Santos, Silva Pereira, Simon Siôn, Smolková,
Tănăsescu, Țapardel, Tarabella, Thomas, Toia, Valenciano, Vaughan, Ward, Zoană, Zoffoli, Zorrinho
Verts/ALE: Bové, Cramer, Delli, Harms, Rivasi, Trüpel
These people had some god damned sense and voted against
ALDE: Auštrevičius, van Baalen, Bearder, Becerra Basterrechea, Bilbao Barandica, Federley, Giménez Barbat, Harkin, Hirsch,
Huitema, in 't Veld, Jakovčić, Ježek, Kallas, Klinz, Kyuchyuk, Mazuronis, Meissner, van Miltenburg, Müller, Nagtegaal,
Nart, Paet, Radoš, Schaake, Selimovic, Telička, Toom, Torvalds, Tremosa i Balcells, Uspaskich, Vajgl, Vautmans, Weber
Renate, Wierinck, Wikström
ECR: Bashir, Belder, Campbell Bannerman, Czarnecki, Czesak, Dalton, Demesmaeker, Dohrmann, Flack, Fotyga, Gericke,
Gosiewska, Halla-aho, Hoc, Jurek, Kamall, Karski, Kłosowski, Krupa, Kuźmiuk, Loones, Lucke, Lundgren, Messerschmidt,
Ożóg, Piecha, Piotrowski, Poręba, Rebega, Ruohonen-Lerner, Škripek, Stevens, Sulík, Theocharous, Tomaševski,
Tomašić, Trebesius, Van Bossuyt, Vistisen, Winberg, Wiśniewska, Žitňanská, Złotowski
EFDD: Adinolfi, Agnew, Aiuto, Aker, Arnott, Batten, Beghin, Bullock, Coburn, Collins, Corrao, D'Amato, (The Earl of) Dartmouth,
D'Ornano, Evi, Ferrara, Gill Nathan, Hookem, Meuthen, Montel, O'Flynn, Parker, Payne, Pedicini, Philippot, Reid,
Tamburrano, Valli, Zullo
ENF: Annemans, Bay, Bizzotto, Borghezio, Ciocca, Elissen, de Graaff, Lancini, Marusik, Pretzell, Scottà, Stuger, Zijlstra, Żółtek
GUE/NGL: Anderson Martina, Benito Ziluaga, Björk, Boylan, Carthy, Chountis, Couso Permuy, Eck, Ernst, Ferreira, Flanagan,
González Peñas, Hazekamp, de Jong, Kari, Konečná, Kouloglou, Kuneva, Kyllönen, López Bermejo, Lösing, Matias,
Michels, Mineur, Ní Riada, Papadimoulis, Pimenta Lopes, Sakorafa, Sánchez Caldentey, Schirdewan, Scholz, Spinelli,Sylikiotis, Torres Martínez, Vallina, Vergiat, Viegas
NI: Balczó, Borrelli, Carver, Epitideios, Fountoulis, James, Kovács, Papadakis Konstantinos, Sonneborn, Sośnierz,
Ujazdowski, Voigt, Zarianopoulos
PPE: Boni, Dorfmann, Fjellner, Gambús, Grzyb, Hetman, Hökmark, Jazłowiecka, Kalinowski, Kozłowska-Rajewicz, Kudrycka,
Łukacijewska, Olbrycht, Peterle, Pietikäinen, Plura, Rosati, Siekierski, Szejnfeld, Thun und Hohenstein, Ungureanu,
Vălean, Virkkunen, Zdechovský
S&D: Assis, Benifei, Beňová, Blinkevičiūtė, Borzan, Briano, Caputo, Childers, Christensen, Cofferati, Cozzolino, Dalli, Delvaux,
Detjen, Ertug, Fajon, Fleckenstein, Freund, Gabelic, Gebhardt, Geier, Geringer de Oedenberg, Gierek, Giuffrida, Gomes,
Graswander-Hainz, Guteland, Hoffmann, Jaakonsaari, Jongerius, Kadenbach, Kammerevert, Kaufmann, Kofod, Kohn,
Köster, Krehl, Kumpula-Natri, Kyenge, Lange, Lietz, Ludvigsson, Łybacka, Mamikins, Mayer Alex, Melior, Mizzi, Molnár,
Nekov, Neuser, Niedermüller, Noichl, Padar, Panzeri, Paolucci, Picula, Piri, Pirinski, Post, Preuß, Regner, Rodust,
Schaldemose, Schlein, Schuster, Sehnalová, Simon Peter, Sippel, Stihler, Szanyi, Ujhelyi, Ulvskog, Van Brempt, Viotti,
Weidenholzer, von Weizsäcker, Werner, Westphal, Wölken, Zala, Zanonato, Zemke
Verts/ALE:Affronte, Andersson, Auken, Buchner, Bütikofer, Dalunde, Durand, Eickhout, Evans, Franz, Giegold, Hautala, Jadot, Jávor,
Joly, Keller Ska, Lambert, Lamberts, Lochbihler, Marcellesi, Meszerics, Metz, Mitrofanovs, Reda, Reimon, Reintke, Ropė,
Scott Cato, Škrlec, Smith, Solé, Šoltes, Staes, Tarand, Taylor, Terricabras, Urtasun, Valero, Vana, Waitz
These probably just didn't get the bribes they were hoping for and abstained
31 0
ALDE: Charanzová, Dlabajová, Pagazaurtundúa Ruiz
ECR: Macovei, Mobarik, Tošenovský
ENF: Kappel, Mayer Georg, Obermayr, Vilimsky
GUE/NGL: Hadjigeorgiou
PPE: Csáky, Kukan, Malinov, Mikolášik, Niedermayer, Pospíšil, Štefanec, Štětina, Šulin, Svoboda, Wenta, Winkler Hermann,
Záborská, Zdrojewski, Zver
S&D: Bettini, Frunzulică, Liberadzki, Poc, dos Santos

You’re going to have to figure out the names of your own people in order to find them, only last names seem to be listed.
Here’s the source document if you want to peruse any other votes

I am happy to report that every Swedish representative voted against. Except for 3 of them who I can’t seem to find, not sure if that means they were not present and did not vote or something else.


the most scary part is the vote was only “decided” by like 40 people, that’s what 5% or something? so tiny a group of people/margin it’s scary af…
really comforting to see how the media group lobbying paid off to have so many people in their pocket…
“link tax” pff… does "capitalism"greed hold no bounds… :triumph:
anyways, here’s to holding off/being grumpy again in September :beers:


Well, this is everyone’s fault for not electing me Overlord of Earth and All Reality. We would not have to put up with stupid laws like this under my benevolent rule.

You may take issue with some of my other policies though


I’d vote for Thanos I think.


Why would you vote for the lesser evil?

aaand 438 for to 226 against… the motion passes… copyright trolls rubbing their hands together in glee and anticipation everywhere :+1:

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