Neil Peart From Rush Free Audible Audiobooks-Ends 1/28.

I hadn’t a clue about these audio books…In light of Neil Peart’s passing, and in honor of his life and contributions to the world of audio, Audible is offering this work at no cost* through January 28th, 2020.

Amazon currently has these Neil Peart Audible Audiobooks available for free. Make sure the price is still $0, and click the buy now button.

The Masked Rider:Cycling in West Africa[
Traveling Music:Soundtrack to My Life and Times
Ghost Rider Travels on the Healing Road
Far and Wide:Bring That Horizon to Me
Roadshow:Landscape with Drums: A Concert Tour by Motorcycle
Far Near: On Days Like These
Far Away:A Prize Every Time


Every time I read a blurb for one it’s like: dude doesn’t like staying home. O_o


Somewhere there is one hell of a rock 'n roll band assembled. We’ve lost so many fine musicians lately that have added to that band that I am looking forward to going to rock 'n roll heaven.

Ozzy just announced yesterday that he has Parkinson’s Disease.

I’m shamefully ignorant of Parkinson’s and its effect, on purpose because my neurologist told me that it or Graves Disease would be paying me a visit sometime around this point in my life. Ignorance is bliss, right? I prefer to stay blissful. YMMV.

Thanks as always @delenn13 for the heads up. Much appreciated.


Just learned that there’s a link to one of my favourite Godsmack songs - Serenity - and Neil Peart. It’s amazing because I just listened to the song at random tonight. Interesting how one thing you appreciate leads the introduction of linked things / people.


If he did that he would have to write a book about songs and things he saw from his porch…It would be ONE boring book.


Challenge accepted! :stuck_out_tongue: