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Need to gift a key to friend after redeeming a key myself


I wanted to play Forced Showdown with my friend. I was not aware of being able to redeem only 1 key per account from Chrono Store. I would like an admin to kindly take another 8000pts from my account (I have enough) and give me another key for my friend. Please let me know if I can connect with an admin directly to discuss this. Thanks.


This is one of the rules of chrono coins, you can only redeem one copy from your account. Usually people try to trade for secondary copies if they have other spare keys, etc.

The admin pay attention the posts here, especially when you wrote in the “Site feedback” section, which is appropriate. But the request might not get answered due to the fact that the site is meant to allow you to only grab one copy.


I understand why it is implemented this way. Since I was not aware of it and found about it after I spent my coins, I requested this as a one of thing.


I realize your situation. Thus we can ask if this is possible. The admin staff that are commonly found on these forums are likely to be @lonin and @Ernin8t0r. Other ones show up from time to time as well, especially when paged.

The difficulty of the situation that they are placed in, should they opt to remove those coins and dispense one more key, is then that would set a precedence and more people may ask for similar favors. Nevertheless, it doesn’t hurt to try. And thus I have paged them for you.


Yoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyo shoot an email to and I’ll see what I can do for ya! Mention specifically that you’re the duder that posted in site feedback and use the secret codeword that I just pm’d you so I know its actually you