Need a new monitor.

For the last 10 years or so i have been playing on the same 60hz monitor, and recently i have decided i want to buy a new 144hz monitor.

So if you have any suggestions for budget 144hz monitors (or upcoming in 2019) i would be glad to hear them.

I’m gaming on a nvidia 1050ti.
Mostly playing competitive shooters/singleplayer story driven games. :eyes:


What’s your budget? (since I think most people would probably direct you to GSYNC monitors if you want a high quality high refresh rate monitor with a NVIDIA card).

(I would also definitely wait for sales, not buy one at MSRP.)


I would say about 300 euro.
But im expecting to get some money in a few months, so this could change.


And do you think we can expect some good sales any time soon ?


I have a lot of good things to say about this one:

1080p, 24", 144Hz, and with AMD FreeSync support. Before now, FreeSync would basically be a useless feature for Nvidia users. Now? It’s not officially tested by Nvidia for this monitor, but it’s worth a shot!


I am always looking at sites like newegg or just amazon. I think being on the lookout is the best thing you can do, never know when a good sale is going to come along.

It’s kind of risky, I know that FreeSync monitors are cheaper in general, but I would only make the recommendation to someone to try it if they are going out to the store to purchase and can get a full refund. Otherwise you might end up with a 144Hz FreeSync monitor that is only running 60 Hz on a NVIDIA card…


Oh, it’ll run 144Hz just fine.

I’m just not certain about FreeSync functionality. If you don’t have FreeSync compatible hardware, it’s the same as using an older Radeon R9 card: you’ll get your 144Hz monitor, but no variable refresh rate.


this is the one that i have, it’s freeSync cuz im not rich enough to waste 1k$ on an overpriced chipset.

i have no issue running it at 165hrz stable with a second 4k monitor on the same 970 GTX (dual screen)


what do you think of this one ? I am not sure if u should buy one made specifically for amd tho.


But then again i dont know much about this stuff either.


Like I said, if you use a Freesync monitor on older AMD or Nvidia graphics cards, freesync will be disabled; that’s the only real catch. Everything else will work.

Also, there’s even a chance that the 1050ti will support that monitor for adaptive sync. Don’t count on it, but it’s possible!


I have that one. I recently went through this so I can write up something later today.

Also, you have to run Windows 10 to utilize freesync on NVIDIA and have a 10 series or 20 series


I don’t know where you are from but I keep an eye on Tiger Direct…They have a CA site too.

And when I lived in the States, I used this:

Now mind you, they don’t deliver to CA so i haven’t used in 20 years…but they USED to be good.

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haven’t tried that one but seems to be the same as mine but smaller and 144hz instead of 165hz


$400 is double what the 24" is worth.


there’s a 50 Canadian $ difference


Ah. Explains partially the higher prices. 24" is still horribly overpriced. It’s $199 USD at microcenter


I guess the other question is what resolution you’re going for. 1440p 144Hz will be insanely demanding and the monitor will cost quite a bit if not on sale.

1080p 144Hz is… still quite demanding, but modern upper-mid-tier cards like an RX 470+ or GTX 1050ti+ will handle it like a champ. Also, monitors will generally hover around the $200 mark or lower unless you absolutely need Nvidia GSync.


Had an unfortunate issue with head to pillow when I got home today. Here’s what I got.

Doesn’t quite work like that lol. Instead you’ll get a potentially choppy experience if you card can’t sustain 144hz. You can custom set it and it’ll work. (I have a 144hz panel Freesync, and Win8.1 so I can’t turn on g-sync. It runs 144hz.)


Few questions out of the gate:

  • What are you playing?
  • What OS are you running?
  • What is your current Panel (e.g. 1080p60, IPS, 24")?

For people in EU, what is a store or website you visit for tech, monitors, etc?

Okay so this is what I’m going with:

You have a GTX 1050Ti. This immediately tosses 1440p out of the window unless you are planning on upgrading in the near future. So 1080p is what I am going to aim for. If you are planning on upgrading your GPU soon, it may be worth looking into a basic 1440p 60hz panel. (more on this later)

So now we’re narrowed down to Size, Refresh, and Panel Type.

Let’s go over them one by one.

If you are using a 24" now, 24" or 27" will probably suit you need. Plus Ultrawides tend to cost a little bit more. I don’t know if you are planning on keeping the current monitor(s) you are using, but if you are, it may be worthwhile to get 24" if you want consistency. If you don’t really care, compare both 24" and 27" and find a better deal. However, from what I’ve seen, 27" gets more expensive.

1050Ti probably isn’t going to be pushing shedloads of frames. Hate to say it. If you get a 144Hz panel, I recommend getting something that you can set up freesync/g-sync. You WILL notice the hiccups. I do on my 144hz panel and I have a 1070Ti. Utilizing the “g-sync compatible” REQUIRES Windows 10. I’ve tried with Win8.1, no luck.

Panel Type:

This is the bit that gets very tricky. There are 3 panel types: IPS, VA, TN.
Quick Video:


Short Synopsis:
VA - Better Contrast, Slow Response
IPS - Better color, 144hz limitation, may have glow.
TN - Fastest Response, Highest Refresh, bad viewing angles.

So here’s where I deviate from the video a bit. IPS panels are typically your standard level panels (<27", 1080p, 60hz). They are the cheapest in this regard. As soon as you increase the resolution or refresh rate, they immediately skyrocket in price.

VA is a good middle ground and offer comparable pricing against TN panels. However, if you are playing CS:GO, VA probably isn’t for you.

90% of your GAMEZZZ Monitors are TN. If it doesn’t say, it’s TN. I find that often these are expensive because GAMEZZZ. It’s stupid honestly, and there’s not really functional benefit. If you consistently play competitive First-Person Shooters, response time and refresh is generally where it’s at. This is when TN shines. Thus if that is your use cay and you find one that you really like within your budget, go for it.

Find somewhere that has a good return policy. I personally went to a Microcenter here in the states (Computer focused store) and all their panels were playing from a 1080p 60hz source…on all panels… meaning going in to look at which I liked best by how it looked was f***ing POINTLESS. Expect the same from wherever you plan on going.

The saving grace of MicroCenter is that their return/exchange policy is amazeballs.

Hopefully this helps…

*1440p “more on that later”: So I went to Microcenter to decide if I wanted 144hz or 1440p. I ended up choosing 144hz because I got that MSI panel for $160 USD (or something like that). I was hoping to be able to use the freesync feature on my NVIDIA card. Unfortunately, it’s locked behind windows 10. I like the monitor and am still using it. But, I don’t actually use it in 144hz mode very often (only in Truck Sim atm). The reason why is because stable 60hz looks and feels better than slams from 144 to 90 hz in the Division and I didn’t see a lick of difference in Payday 2. I set the frames to run at about 75hz and run the panel at 60hz. Not ideal, but I don’t see the slams. So, unfortunately, by trial and error, I learned that I should have gone for the 1440p panels or shell out for G-sync. That being said, my laptop could use it, lulz. (that actually gives me an idea).