Need a Key For Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2

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Hey, don’t mean to sound rude or anything, but folk don’t take too kindly to people creating forum accounts just to beg for keys.

I don’t have the coins myself, but even if I did I’d fancy getting something in return. Maybe you can offer some spare keys you have for a trade? That way you might get yourself a deal. :butterfly:


I only have 1400coins all other Keys i bought are already activated on my steam account

I mean, from Humble Bundle or something like that. :slight_smile:

There may be someone who might just walk by and give you the game, but I frankly find that unlikely because it’s expensive (coin-wise), and most people who have the amount of keys to spend on it will just do so for themselves – as they should.


Better not mess up your streak then. Should have the coin in a month and a half, maybe two. Good luck.


The topic name has got me interested. Why do you need a key for that specific game? Have Somalian pirates taken your family hostage and demand you to deliver a Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 Steam key in exhange for their safe return? Is this perhaps a matter of want rather than need and you just expressed yourself poorly?

I have just enough coins to buy the game, but I do think that just giving it away wouldn’t feel right and might set a bad example. Even more so because of your poor attempt at begging. Perhaps I could trade it for something, like a hand drawn picture of the game cover (any version should do) with your top five reasons for wanting the game?


If you don’t have enough time to go to the ‘side’ everyday, you would never have enough time to play the game. You’re better off begging on the streets to get enough money to buy the game on Steam.


Aren’t u guys being a teeny weeny bit too harsh with him here? It’s not like he stole someone’s cat or anything.


TBH, considering how many people actually, (and “frequent”), mention how many thousand of thousand spare coins they have, and nothing to use them on (or not intending to use at all either too) -i don’t think this “ask” seem all that ridiculous to me
even less because so many times there are people that have offered to give/get coin shop games for others not having reached enough coins yet…

i get how it can “look”, appearing to “just” join and then “beg” for free stuff (do keep in mind the forum only counts “joined” from when making an actual forum account, not chrono account), -but hey, if someone with 20-30k coins felt like being charitable, it should be up to them, not “us”
and if no one wanted to “donate”, such a post would likely just have been buried and disappear on it’s own, without assistance :wink:

-magicks: :rainbow:

(ps. to make it clear i don’t feel I have enough coins to be this charitable, but someone else “might” had)


I fully agree man, in fact, had i had 20-30k in coins i would have gotten him the key, i even checked the price on steam but I hardly ever pay full price for games for myself so that’s not gonna happen either

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I’d have no issue buying the game for the OP, none at all but when I see that is the first post and it is straight down to ebegging, I cannot in good conscience gift to someone willing to do that.

What you both say @harith and @Gnuffi may well be true, I certainly do not entirely disagree and perhaps they probably just don’t use the community side of things but this should be an incentive for him/her to start using the place from now on.

If the OP sticks around and interacts some more as time goes on, I’d be more than willing to help them out but I get the feeling it is a panic buy, as the game is nearly sold out.

So @Floflo7201, if you are willing to join the “Community,” You’ll see just how generous people are around here but your first post was to go eBegging and that is not a good look, mate.

  • No cats were stolen in the making of this post but one was killed as a result of a firework up it’s jacksy.

I haven’t laughed this much at a forum post in a very very long time.

Thanks, I had one of those bad days today and you just cheered me the hell right up. :butterfly:


i can get behind that sentiment :+1:


It’s possible they’re Ugandan instead, and need the copy to help them show people “de wae”.


+emergency floofer


Wow, you sure “use” a lot of “quotation marks” :grin:


“you” can “never” have “too many” quotation “marks” " :wink: "
(i’m addicted to them :thinking: :man_shrugging: , (and emojis i think), my old teacher would slap me today if she could :joy:)





I got my sniper key form someone and he he has 20k points more Thx for youre normal response


and they all lived happily ever after, especially the cat