National Canadian Film Day Free Movies

A bunch of Canadian movies are free on youtube right now, not sure if it’s just today. It may be worth watching some of these, not sure though I’ve only seen one movie on that list. Or at least it sounded familiar. I also have no idea how long they’ll be available.


Thanks for the link.

I do not recognize anything. I feel like I went to the convenience store in another country, looked at all their snacks, and couldn’t figure out what any of it was without the name brand recognition.

It looks like they primarily do teen dramas, children’s shows, and daytime dramas.

There are some odd ones. I typed “animation” and got this one that flashed by in the OP’s video. Was a nice little story with very nice art.


Thanks for these
A lot of them are blocked in my country heheh (vpn ofc) though not sure if i would watch but some of them seem interestin