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Name the Game



k man, that’s rly insanely impressive right there


yo I have to ask man, why do u ALWAYS capitalize the word ‘it’? I can’t ever not see it and it bothers me every time, lol.


Hahahaha omg it is true, indeed. :joy:

It’s one of those things you know, like opening links with Ctrl + click.
Bc “I” is always mayus I suppose? It looks better to me hahaha but sadly it’s not correct grammar.

So funny that you noticed that :laughing::joy:


man i notice it every single time, rofl


Sorry :grimacing: :grimacing: pure muscle memory at this point.

Edit-not-edit: I went to look at something recent and I do it on paper too :see_no_evil:


hahaha, that’s pretty unique :wink: man, lol


Unique ~


To each his own, idiosyncrasies is what makes us a great community.


a great community made of streakers who are obsessed with poop


Thank you, yes it was a fun but hard one and it certainly was doable, I did it after all.

@harith like you have a case of complaining about typing flaws in others. : )

Well here’s a new one for you to ponder.

You’re a canibalistic mechanical monstrosity out on a fratricidal rampage to steal enough power to be able to settle a life long grudge match between two old dudes.




Yes you were correct @hivefleetbothan, congratulations. Your turn.


That means it was right? Really?


y, that’s Fraggles’ way of announcing the weener (that or a winner is u, lol)


Ah, gotcha… I meant to sound incredulous that Megaman was the answer, at this point I just assume that I was way off base sorry about that @Fraggles . Well then… I must give this much thought.

A story of two, sometimes at odds, but always together.
One, an angry son of a broken father, fighting a loosing battle against a people far more populous and dangerous than your own, backed by a dangerous Inquisition. As a butcher of men, you have been sent out alone, like others, on a suicide mission to slay the king… The last hope for your beleaguered resistance. Your future will be filled with bodies, rage, and death… Either yours or the enemies. With the help of a guide you will liberate the slaves, kill the betrayers and find enemies of your enemies to turn into friends.
The other, smarter than any other, but still just scavenging for work and cash in this ****hole. So you took the job that seemed too good to be true, and you ended up getting in far deeper than you intended. You need to help this idiot not get killed so you can cash out. Although you will need to kill you kin, and be thrown around by a brute, in the end it had better be worth it. Your future will be filled with money, either taken from those who couldn’t keep their hands on it or finally paid for finishing this job.



:rofl: :joy:

I am just kidding! LOL!

I have no idea what this game is… I just wanted to have a laugh out loud… and for everyone to share my joy…


Oh so close…

Random Guess

Some Assassin’s Creed game? I never played any of them, except for a really cruddy game on my NDS a long time ago… I wanted to play them for so long, then other things got in the way…


Nope, it is not an assassin’s creed game, but it did inspire a rip off of one.
I think that will do nicely for an extra hint.


Do you play both character?