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Name change


Dude… @dusty is probably gonna change it to Ducklipoo if you let him.

chaotic good intensifies

jokes aside, Duckli is super cute.


Bob Ross is coming for you! watch out


Or @frst will probably give you a “My name is a typo” title…

(And I totally agree with everyone, I think Duckli is a great name.)


Yeah I agree, Duckli is a really nice name.
And it being a accident just gives it a good backstory.




Turtleman, Turtlemain, who’s keeping track?

Honestly, just roll with the typo. @Duckli is a pretty good name, anyway. It sounds almost like an adverb, and it’s highly memorable.

On a side note, I appreciate how every regular here immediately jumped to saying “it’s a feature,” myself included. Good work, team.


Duckli is ducking adorable.

Uhhh… typo? Get it :smile: :sunflower:


@frst @lonin is it possible to change yr username? Would love to change it to “Moo”, my Steam name, as for some reason my brain always thinks that’s my username here too, lol (it should’ve been)


did you really have to reply? i almost forgot that my username is duckli not duckling or ducklinguini :disappointed_relieved::zipper_mouth_face:


i reply cuz i want a name change and they never officially responded and i need to know whether it’s possible or not

had i opened my own thread for it someone would have said: dude, there’s already a thread for that…


For the heinous crimes against the English language perpetrated in your post you deserve to be renamed Mao instead.


nah, it’s internet english

also, as a professional proofreader i fully endorse my own post and declare it to be flawless


Your tremendously awful spelling could maybe possibly be excused in a real time medium like irc or discord where typing speed can be somewhat necessary to keep up. But there’s absolutely no reason to not take the extra few milliseconds to type things out properly on a forum. It’s not “internet English” it’s just bad typing habits.


dude u serious? then all i can say is lol

[that whole post contains only 2 misspelled words btw: I and because, and who cares rly]


Not entirely, you go ahead and type however you want. But don’t go drag the rest of us down assuming it’s the norm just because “internet”.


also, i now have to argue, there is only ONE misspelled word (I) in my post (so I think “tremendously awful spelling” is quite the exaggeration), as it in fact turns out that “cuz” is in the dictionary [Oxford, McMillan, and Collins] and is in fact a correctly spelled [informal] word and is officially accepted as an informal form of “because”, so …

(and I also think no one will argue that this forum is an “informal” setting, hence informal language usage is appropriate)


My dudes, main thing should always be making sure the other person understands what you’re saying.

Be it English, Portuguese, sign language, morse…

I believe that as long as the two parties understand each other, the means are not that relevant.

Simply put: chill.


Yeah lets keep it civil everyone


I’m sorry. I came across a bit of a dick here, at least partially because I am a bit of a dick. My intention was that of good natured ribbing, though the “internet English” thing really irks me.

Despite my impeccable spelling and sentence structuring I failed in this aspect and that’s entirely on me.

I sincerely apologize for making you feel attacked.


it’s all good dude np