NaissanceE is Free

I did not install it…But it’s in my library.


This was one of the Daily Deals.

From the Dev:
"Hi there,

NaissanceE will be available for free tomorrow the 21 of September (10AM PST time).
I initially planned to make it free after some years and now is the time.
Thanks to all the people who enjoyed the game, I hope many others will discover it now."


Thanks!! Looks like a very different experience to be had in this game. Adding it to my library now :grinning:


F*** YES, I almost bought this a few sales ago and decided against it cause it’s apparently not challenging at all (walking sim ish), but I’m glad I can experience these graphics for free now :blush:

Nvm I suck at it, took me 10 mins to get stuck, no clue where to go :grimacing: