Nacon Bundle @ Humble

At least check out T1, worth the $1.

BTA is currently pretty cheap too (but nothing for me):

T3 is a no go for me:


grabbed the second tier instantly - nice games for nice price


Definitely a good price for T2, right now is still under $4. When I said not for me, it’s b/c I have them already…


Got myself T2 for 3.38€ for Sherlock, Styx and V-rally as i missed the Fanatical bundle that had them. :slight_smile:


Has anyone played Outcast and 2Dark? Are they worth it?

I know it’s only 1€ but still…


Outcast is a most excellent game, though I have only played the original release. This remake seems well faithful to the original so I am pretty sure it’s worth $1. It’s one of the very first open world games made and so it won’t have many of the modern standards or QoL features both for good and bad. You don’t have a minimap full of icons and thousands random busywork side quests to get distracted by, there are side quests for sure and a fair bit of stuff to explore and find. You’ll have to actually find them though, not just look for a glowing map marker.

I speak of course with my now ancient experience with the original game and it was truly mind blowing at the time. I can’t entirely say for sure how well it holds up, but I’m pretty sure it’ll be worth experiencing either way.

I wonder though. They say it’s “second contact” but they’re using the 1.1 icon. 1.1 is a ‘remaster’ of the original while “second contact” is a remake.


Thank you.

I actually like that the game doesn’t have a map full with icons. I’m getting tired of that to be honest. And I also prefer do discover things, it feels more rewarding.
I might get it then.

Although they’re using banner with 1.1, this is second contact because it’s the one published by Nacon. The remaster is from THQ Nordic.

Thanks once again!


It’s second contact from what I heard


2Dark is a stealth adventure game developed by Frédérick Raynal, the pioneer of survival horror games and creator of Alone in the Dark®

Boxes ticked! Own all of Alone in the Dark now - even the negative review ones. Nice tier for a $1. ^^ Aarlash can actually run on potato too, though I’m not sure how well, but at least I do have Pixel Shader 4.


yeah its the Second contact. its the new one. Even if the picture is from Outcast 1.1
Activated myself the Second Contact


2Dark is great tho. just my type of game. Top-down survival game. Recommend to everyone, who doesnt have it already or didnt play it.
1€ for both Outcast Second Contact and 2Dark is a great price. There is nothing to consider, perhaps taking the second tier.


Thanks, @YQMaoski. I may have to get Level 1. :thinking: