Mystery Goldrush Bundle - Anybody wanna trade? (Added 10 more games)

I know these mystery keys from Fanatical aren’t considered special, but this time they promise a diamond grade title if you buy 10…
I’ve heard of people getting games like KF2 or CoD4, CivVI…

I’m tempted and I honestly think I’ll go for it, if anyone else is gonna try their luck, mind sharing what you get? Maybe we can trade a bit around :slight_smile:

up for trade:
Shoppee Keep
Bathman Arkham City GOTY
Payday 2 Ultimate Edition
Lust for Darkness
Badminton Warrior
Endless Legend Classic Edition

I’ll be honest, I went for another 10 mystery keys (from another seller tho)

Next up Hero
Hidden Mysteries Civil War
War Tech Fighters
Super Cloudbuilt
Rocket Knight
A land fit for heroes


Don’t do it!
Only the house wins when you gamble. Those 10% coupon codes on fanatical are account tied, can’t give them to anyone else unless they’ve changed it recently.


Oh didn’t know that, shame :confused:

I know that’s the rule of thumb, but when people get games like CoD or Killing Floor 2 then they didn’t lose anything…and I WANNA gamble lol :sweat_smile: Especially cause idk what I should play atm anyway, so I’d let the odds decide :3


Guys I did it and am almost tempted to go for a second 10-pack lol

Shoppee Keep - not for me
Jalopy - I’ll try it
Bathman Arkham City GOTY - own it already
Shtriga Summer Camp - yay HOG
Gauntlet Slayer Edition - on my WL for a long time
Batman Arkham Knight - mine XP
Payday 2 Ultimate Edition - not for me
Lust for Darkness - looks interesting
Badminton Warrior - trashy?
Endless Legend Classic Edition - own it already

not too shabby huh?


Second pack might be repeats tho
no guarantees. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Yeah thats pretty decent for that type of thing I think. Though yeah it’s still gambling lol


that’s true, basically it can almost only go downhill from now hahaha

Well, I paid close to 11€ and basically got 11€ of games I’d like to play plus some extra haha

that was honestly the best part about it :joy:


I would say that 10,69€ is for these random keys totally worth it.

In my experience most of the key drops in these bundles are games from recent or past bundles.
Somewhere on the web are the percentage chances of possible key drops.

Im really interested in Endless Legend. Ive sent you a PM.

EDIT: Finally traded it with Danacscott.


I’m taking a shot at this here is my list:

Jump Stars
Shoppe Keep
Oriental Empires
Tracks -The Train Set Game
Navel Warfare Comp
Batman Arkham City GOTY -Already own
Adam Wolfe All Episodes (says 14 but there are only 4) -Already Own
Batman Arkham Asylum Game of the Year Edition -Already Own
Killing Floor 2 -wishlisted

3 out of 10 isn’t bad for games that I already own
Other than Shoppe Keep, I haven’t heard of the others, so it will be interesting when trying those out. I expected more games that I owned so, I am not disappointed. It was a gamble and it worked out


I send ye a PM. :sunny:


I’d be happy with that, too! Especially Adam Wolfe, KF2 and Tracks would be cool enough (for me; Explodemon and Oriental Empires just aren’t for me, but good games as well! :3 ) to have that I already think about getting another, oh man, I think I’m discovering a gambling addiction :laughing:


It’s great that they are actually putting in enough games of worth in these, I did one of their mystery bundles only once, got 10/10 games I already owned… never again, said I. And fortunately I have never since.

(of course these gambling things will continue as people keep on buying into it.)

Only gaming gambling I do now is the Humble Monthlies, which have been decent…


Your 2nd haul wasn’t bad at all. :slight_smile:


yea, all we fans been asking for more for the longest time. Now Fanatical gets the hope up and dashes it. T_T ( :stuck_out_tongue: )


hey, anybody wanna trade for Don’t starve together? I already have it in my library =)

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Anybody knows how I can get Payday 2 free?

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go back in time to when it was being given away for free


Ask @Danacscott nicely.